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New ‘Encanto’ Park at Disney World Will Pay Tribute to Colombia


Encanto Colombia Disney
The movie Encanto, which is based on the culture of Colombia will be integrated into the Animal Kingdom park of Disney. Credit: Disney

The release of the movie Encanto marked a milestone in Disney’s history and in Colombian culture. It was the first time Disney based a production on the rich culture and traditions of Colombia. Since its release in 2021, the story of the Madrigal family and its unique characteristics has become a phenomenon that has captivated audiences worldwide.

The movie Encanto not only became a box office success but also inspired a wave of pride and celebration in Colombia. The characters and scenery from the film have been represented on various occasions in the country, and Encanto became the central theme of numerous December holiday light displays in 2022, with Medellin’s being one of the most prominent.

Given the positive response to the film and its cultural importance, Disney has made the decision to bring the magic of Encanto beyond the screen and beyond Colombia. In an exciting announcement, Disney recently confirmed that it will expand the Animal Kingdom park in Florida with two new sections, one of which will be dedicated exclusively to Encanto.

A Celebration of Disney Parks

The news was revealed during the presentation “A celebration of Disney parks, experiences, and products: yesterday, today, and tomorrow” at the D23 event. Josh D’Amaro, president of Disney, shared this exciting revelation with attendees and Disney fans worldwide. The expansion of the theme park is part of the company’s research and development plans.

The movie Encanto, which is based on Colombian culture and features elements of the Indiana Jones sci-fi saga, will be integrated into the Animal Kingdom park, where visitors can enjoy observing more than 1,700 animals in eight themed areas.

A Colombian Village in Florida

The expansion will include a life-sized replica of the Madrigal house, as well as some elements of the village where the family lives. This fictional village in Encanto is inspired by various regions of Colombia, particularly the Coffee Cultural Landscape.

While there was initially mention of a ride inspired by Encanto, it was ultimately decided that this would be a section of the park’s tour. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Encanto and experience the magic of the film in a unique and exciting way.

Encanto Colombia Disney
Tropical Americas Encanto land concept art at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Credit: Disney

Encanto vs. Other Disney Productions

Encanto competed with other Disney films, such as Moana and Zootopia, to be part of this expansion at Animal Kingdom. Although these films were not selected this time, there may be future expansions or updates at Disney parks that include attractions based on these movies.

Since this expansion is in the planning stage, a specific completion date has not been announced yet. Fans of Encanto and those who wish to visit the Madrigal house in Florida will eagerly await more details about this exciting addition to the Animal Kingdom park.

Colombia’s Impact on Encanto

Encanto stands out for its dedication to accurately representing Colombian culture. The production team conducted extensive research in various regions of Colombia, including Bogota, Cartagena, Barichara, Santander, Risaralda, Quindio, as well as coffee-growing areas and the eastern plains. Iconic places like Caño Cristales, the Cocora Valley, Villa de Leyva, and Salento were crucial in recreating the village featured in the film.

The movie also pays tribute to Colombian traditions and customs, which are reflected in the characters and the details of the environment. Maribel, the protagonist, wears a traditional costume from Vélez, showcasing the diversity of traditional clothing in Colombia.

In addition to celebrating Colombian culture and music, Encanto also addresses important issues in the country, such as displacement caused by violence. The film combines Disney’s magic with a deep appreciation and respect for Colombia’s cultural richness.

The announcement of the Animal Kingdom park expansion is a tribute to the success and lasting influence of Encanto, as well as an exciting gift for Disney fans who will now have the opportunity to immerse themselves even further in the magical world of the movie.

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