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Colombia’s Security Crisis: Car Bomb in Cauca’s Timba Sparks Urgent Calls for Action


Cauca's security crisis unfolds as a car bomb rocks Timba. Rural community demands peace amid rising tensions
Cauca’s security crisis unfolds as a car bomb rocks Timba. Rural community demands peace amid rising tensions. Credit: Elina Londoño / / (CC BY-SA 4.0)

This Monday at 3:00 p.m. a march for peace took place in Timba, a municipality of Cauca recently affected by a wave of violence. The scene was reminiscent of the 1990s and 2000s, when the armed conflict was at its worst and communities took to the streets to demand a ceasefire and a halt to attacks.

Current State of Emergency: People Protest Against Explosions

In the current state of emergency, the resilient residents of Buenos Aires, located in the heart of Cauca, decided to protest since a series of explosions have plagued their community. They raised their voices in a powerful call for peace, which echoed through the very streets that have borne witness to the tumultuous events of recent times. These determined individuals, from all walks of life, came together with a single purpose: to put an end to the unrelenting explosions that have caused untold suffering among the civilian population.

In response, direct orders were issued last weekend by the Vice President, Francia Márquez, and the Commander of the Armed Forces, General Helder Giraldo Bonilla, for the security forces to take immediate action in this department to put an end to the wave of violence, which has not let up for two weeks.

Tragedy in Timba: Car Bomb Shakes Rural Cauca

One of the most serious acts of violence occurred in the Timba district, located in the municipality of Buenos Aires, where a car bomb exploded just five meters from the police station. The attack left three people dead and two injured; all of the victims were civilians passing by who had nothing to do with the clashes between the illegal armed groups and the security forces.

This prompted residents of Timba, a small rural district in Cauca, to demand a mobilization against violence. The promise of immediate action came after the Governor of the department, Elías Larrahondo Carabalí, personally visited the population to assess the security conditions and respond to the calls from those affected.

The community’s hopes of relief from the wave of violence have been raised following the commitment of the dissident factions of the Central High Command to halt offensive attacks against the civilian population, as a show of willingness for peace.

While Petro’s government is just days away from initiating negotiations with this armed group, public opinion and the media nevertheless continue to question whether there is a genuine intention on the part of the guerrilla group to make peace.

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