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Colombian Navy Ship “Gloria” Docks in Buenaventura


Navy Ship Gloria arrives to Buenaventura
Navy Ship “Gloria” arrives in Buenaventura after 24 years. Credit: Armada Nacional

The Colombian Navy Ship “Gloria,” has now arrived to Buenaventura’s port after 24 years. Entry is free to the public and now locals will have the opportunity to explore this ship.

The Colombian Navy Ship’s History

Built in Spain in 1967, The navy ship “Gloria” got the name “floating Ambassador of Colombia in the seas of the world” and was approved in January 1966.

During a casual social gathering in 1966, the Defense Minister Gabriel Rebeiz Pizarro showed support towards the ship’s project with the statement “Vale por un velero,” which translates to “It’s worth a sailboat”

This culminated in the formal signing of the contract in October 6, 1966 with the Bilbao Shipyards Celaya S.A. The construction of the vessel begun in April 1967 and was overseen by Benjamin Alzate Reyes, who was a Frigate Captain. The launching of the vessel took place in the waters of the Ria del Nervion, and the ship received the name “Gloria” as a tribute to Gloria Zawadsky, the widow of Rebeiz Pizarro, who was present at the ceremony.

In August 1968, a team of sailors comprising officers, non-commissioned officers, cadets, and civilians was sent to Bilbao to participate in the final phases of the construction of the ship. On the evening of September 7, 1968, as “Gloria” docked at the Canal de Deusto, the ceremony for officially hoisting the Colombian flag on board took place.

Then, on October 9, 1968 the ship embarked on its maiden voyage from the port of Ferrol in La Coruña to the Colombian port of Cartagena de Indias, arriving on November 11, 1968.

Today, the ship has arrived in Buenaventura, where the townspeople will be able to get on board free of charge 24 years after the vessel’s last visit.

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