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Morcilla: Dare to Try the Colombian Blood Sausage


Blood Sausage Morcilla
Morcilla, or blood sausage, is a famous delicacy in Colombia made with pork blood. Credit: Jonathan Pincas / Flickr

Colombia’s blood sausage, locally known as “morcilla,” is an exotic delicacy worth trying. Morcilla is made of pork blood, typically blended with pork fat, onions, a medley of spices, and ingredients like rice, cereals, or breadcrumbs to enhance its volume. It is also complemented by the addition of peas, empella (bacon), and an aromatic touch of mint that gives its distinct flavor. This dish is often served alongside staples like arepas, potatoes, or fresh buns (bollos), especially along the Caribbean Coast.

Blood Sausage Around Colombia

In regions such as Cundinamarca and Boyacá, the filling of morcilla is composed with a rice and pea base, occasionally enriched with small potato pieces.

In the streets of Bogotá, the capital city, these blood sausages have gained widespread fame, particularly during the vibrant “fritangas” (street food feasts).

This traditional food is a good source of iron and protein. However, it also could be high in cholesterol and calories due to the fat of the pork.

Morcilla’s variations around Colombia

This blood sausage’s recipe changes some of its ingredients according to the region of where it’s made. The morcilla made in the department of Santander has a variation in its ingredients, being made out of potato and pork blood. This variation is mainly prepared in the region of Malaga, hence the name “Morcilla de Malaga”

In Antioquia and Cundinamarca there are two types of morcilla: thick and thin: the latter is made from the small intestine and the former from the large one.

In Boyaca, more specifically Goican in the north of the department, the morcilla is filled with sheep’s intestines and blood of sheep raised in moorland. The blood sausage is seasoned with oregano and mentha and then cooked over a wood fire.

Morcilla’s History: Spanish Roots

Colombian blood sausage is a traditional food that traces its roots back to Spain.

Today, in many regions of Latin America, blood sausage is associated with festivals and cultural celebrations.

Sausage delicacies in Colombia

Besides morcilla, Colombia also offers a large variety of sausages originating in different parts of the country. Butifarra, chorizo, longaniza, salchichon, are only a few of these famous Colombian delicacies. Morcilla is either hated or loved by many people, since the ingredients sound unappealing to some, while others find them very tempting.

Would you dare to try it?

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