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New Low Cost Airline Aims to Cover Aviation Gap in Colombia


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With a reputation for redefining air travel, JetSMART’s Colombian debut is eagerly anticipated by industry experts and travelers. Credit: Pexels/Gustavo Ramirez/Public domain

JetSMART, the pioneering ultra-low-cost airline, is on the brink of making a grand entrance into the Colombian aviation sector. In an era where the aviation industry is undergoing transformative changes, the imminent arrival of JetSMART in Colombia is being keenly observed by industry experts and travelers alike. This move is anticipated to be a potential game-changer, with the airline’s reputation for redefining air travel in other regions serving as a promising indicator of what’s to come in Colombia.

The airline’s commitment to affordable yet quality air travel, combined with its strategic approach to market entry, positions it as a formidable contender in the Colombian skies. With the global aviation landscape still recovering from the pandemic’s impact, JetSMART’s decision to venture into Colombia is both bold and timely.

JetSMART’s Foray into Colombia

JetSMART Colombia’s strategic entry into the Colombian market is the culmination of meticulous planning, market research, and a deep understanding of the region’s unique travel needs. Having adeptly navigated through three of the five regulatory benchmarks set by Aerocivil, Colombia’s premier aviation authority, the airline’s launch trajectory looks promising.

Estuardo Ortiz, the dynamic CEO of JetSMART, is a beacon of confidence and optimism. He frequently emphasizes the airline’s commitment to the Colombian market, highlighting the rigorous yet rewarding regulatory pathway. With its origins in Chile and successful operations in both Peru and Argentina, JetSMART’s expansion into Colombia is a testament to its ambition to be a dominant force in South American aviation.

The airline’s approach is not just about adding another destination to its portfolio; it’s about integrating into the Colombian culture, understanding local nuances, and delivering a travel experience that resonates with the Colombian populace.

A Thoughtful Route Strategy

JetSMART Colombia’s route strategy is a masterclass in strategic planning. Earlier this year, the airline secured permissions for an impressive 27 domestic routes, showcasing its commitment to providing comprehensive connectivity within Colombia. This could translate to a staggering 424 flights every week, ensuring that Colombians have ample flights to choose from.

The airline’s route blueprint is extensive:

  • 11 routes from Bogota El Dorado International Airport, ensuring the capital remains a central hub.
  • 3 routes from Cartagena, catering to both business travelers and tourists.
  • 4 from Medellín, a city that beautifully blends tradition with modernity.
  • 2 each from cities like Cali, known for its cultural vibrancy; Barranquilla, a coastal beauty; San Andrés, a slice of paradise; and Cúcuta, a city of strategic importance.
  • 1 dedicated route to Bucaramanga, a city that’s a blend of nature and urban charm.

JetSMART’s choice of the Airbus A320neo aircraft further underscores its commitment to efficient, eco-friendly operations.

Bridging the Market Void

The Colombian aviation market recently experienced a void with the exit of Viva Air and Ultra Air. This created a significant gap, leading to a 12-15% reduction in seat availability. JetSMART, with its impeccable timing, is poised to fill this void.

Ortiz, with his keen market insights, recognizes this gap as a golden opportunity. He envisions JetSMART not just filling this void, but elevating the overall travel experience for Colombians. The airline’s entry promises affordability without compromising on quality, ensuring that Colombians have access to world-class air travel.

Drawing Lessons from History

The aviation sector, especially in regions like Latin America and the Caribbean, is replete with challenges. The aftershocks of the pandemic have been profound, with many airlines struggling to stay afloat. Ortiz, with his pragmatic approach, acknowledges these challenges but remains undeterred.

Learning from the setbacks of other airlines, Ortiz emphasizes JetSMART’s robust strategy, which hinges on long-term vision, cost-efficiency, and adaptability. For JetSMART, past challenges in the industry are lessons, not deterrents.

JetSMART Colombia’s anticipated launch in 2024 is not just the birth of a new airline; it symbolizes a new era in Colombian aviation. With its customer-centric approach, strategic planning, and commitment to excellence, JetSMART is all set to redefine air travel for Colombians. As the countdown begins, there’s palpable excitement in the air, with travelers eagerly awaiting the JetSMART experience.

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