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Grupo Exito Unveils Colombia’s First Tourist-Format Store in Girardot


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The Exito supermarket chain is the largest in Colombia. Credit: A.P. / Colombia One

Girardot, a bustling municipality in Cundinamarca, Colombia, has been chosen by the renowned Grupo Exito for the inauguration of the country’s first-ever Exito Wow tourist-format store. This strategic move is not just a testament to the company’s innovative approach but also a reflection of its commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for both locals and tourists.

New Store Launch in Girardot

The new store, spanning a vast 3,080 square meters, is strategically located in the heart of Girardot, at the Centro Comercial Unicentro. Carlos Mario Giraldo, the President of Grupo Exito, played a pivotal role in the grand opening of this new establishment, marking a significant milestone in the company’s illustrious history.

This unveiling is particularly noteworthy as the store was formerly a part of “La 14”, a well-known retail chain in Colombia. The transformation of this store into an Exito Wow outlet is the culmination of a series of acquisitions that began in 2021. In total, Exito acquired six commercial establishments from La 14 in Valle del Cauca, which collectively span approximately 41,000 square meters of commercial space.

Leadership and Historical Context

In a heartfelt statement, Carlos Mario Giraldo expressed his pride and optimism about the new store’s potential. He emphasized Grupo Exito’s unwavering commitment to not only providing top-notch products and exceptional services but also to actively contributing to Colombia’s socio-economic development. The Exito Wow Girardot store is envisioned as more than just a commercial space; it’s a significant employment generator and a catalyst for both local and national economic growth.

Giraldo also highlighted the company’s dedication to job creation, stating that the new store would provide over 150 direct employment opportunities. This move is expected to support numerous Colombian families, underscoring Grupo Exito’s belief in the transformative power of employment and a dynamic economy.

The Éxito Wow Girardot store stands out for its array of innovative features tailored to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele. One of the store’s standout sections is “Mundo Verano”, which offers everything one might need for a vacation, from swimwear and towels to board games and grills. Additionally, the store introduces the “street food” concept, offering live show experiences and broadcasting major national events. Another notable feature is the “Compra & Recoge” service, allowing customers to shop and pick up their purchases either in-store or at a designated delivery point in Anapoima.

Innovative Features of the Store

Furthermore, shoppers in Girardot can look forward to a plethora of new concepts brought by this format, including unique experiences in technology, fashion, home goods, beauty, hygiene, pet care, healthy living products, and gourmet food. The store also boasts an extensive range of meat, fruits, and vegetables.

The Exito Wow Girardot store is a testament to Grupo Exito’s forward-thinking approach and its commitment to enhancing the retail experience in Colombia. As the country continues to attract tourists and investors alike, such initiatives play a crucial role in showcasing Colombia’s potential on the global stage.

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