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The Memory Project: Art Bridging Divide Between the US and Colombia


Memory Project US-Colombia Connection Oak Forest High School
The Memory Project stands as a beacon of hope, using art to forge connections between young artists in the US and children in Colombia. Credit: school Jacobs School of Engineering/CC BY-NC 3.0

In an era where headlines often emphasize divisions, disparities, and conflicts, there emerges a beacon of hope and unity. The Memory Project, an international endeavor, is weaving a tapestry of compassion, art, and connection, bridging the distance between young artists in the United States and children in Colombia.

The Memory Project: A Beacon of Global Unity

The Memory Project stands as a testament to the power of art and humanity. This global initiative collaborates with charitable organizations from various corners of the world. Its noble mission is to send personalized artwork to groups of children who, due to circumstances beyond their control, find themselves as orphans, refugees, or living in less than ideal conditions. Charitable partners of the project take the responsibility of capturing the essence of these children through photographs. These images then make their way to the desks of student artists participating in the Memory Project. Using these photographs as a muse, the students embark on a journey to create evocative artistic portraits, capturing not just the likeness but the soul of the children.

Oak Forest High School: Pioneers in Compassion

Nestled in the heart of Chicago, Oak Forest High School has emerged as a stalwart supporter of this initiative. The school’s advanced placement art students, with palettes, brushes, and a heart full of empathy, have dedicated innumerable hours to this cause. Their canvas? The radiant faces of children from Colombia, waiting to be immortalized through strokes of paint and pencil.

Dan Chambers, the visionary AP studio teacher at Oak Forest High School, reminisced about the school’s maiden voyage into the Memory Project. “It all began with a simple email from the founder, Schumaker. He extended an invitation to schools to be a part of this global movement. As fate would have it, we were on the cusp of launching our portrait unit. The timing was serendipitous,” he mused.

Chambers, with a glint of pride in his eyes, further elaborated on the journey, “At the outset, I pose a question to my students, gauging their willingness to embark on this voyage. It’s a journey of selflessness, where their artistic creations, crafted with love and care, are destined for someone else.”

A Tapestry of Emotions and Art

The Memory Project is not a mere exchange of portraits. It’s a symphony of emotions, connections, and stories. Students, in addition to their portraits, trace the outlines of their hands, a universal symbol of human connection. Within these tracings, they inscribe personal messages, weaving a thread of emotion between the artist and the recipient.

Abbey Hernandez, a budding artist at Oak Forest, shared her poignant experience, “The moment we received our photographs, my eyes were drawn to one—a 4-year-old boy with a penchant for the color blue and a love for swimming. I endeavored to infuse my artwork with these nuances. The thought of my creation bringing a glimmer of joy to him fills my heart with warmth.”

This year’s participation marks the fourth chapter of Oak Forest High School’s association with the Memory Project. With each passing year, the ripples of their efforts spread out, creating waves of positive impact.

Art as the Universal Language

In today’s fragmented world, the Memory Project serves as a gentle reminder of the universal languages of art and compassion. The students of Oak Forest High School, armed with their talent, dedication, and a palette of emotions, are not merely creating portraits. They are crafting timeless memories, forging connections, and above all, sowing seeds of hope in the fertile ground of young hearts.

As we reflect on such initiatives, it rekindles faith in humanity’s innate ability to transcend borders, touch lives, and illuminate the world with kindness.

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