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Search for Abducted Father of Liverpool Star Luis Diaz Intensifies in Colombia


Luis Diaz Liverpool father abduction Colombia security Venezuelan border
The parents of Liverpool’s Luis Diaz face a harrowing ordeal as they’re kidnapped in Colombia. Mother is rescued, his father is missing. Credit: luisdiaz19/instagram

In a deeply unsettling incident that has reverberated across the globe, the father of Liverpool’s renowned Colombian footballer, Luis Diaz, has been abducted. This harrowing event has not only sent shockwaves through the football community, but it has also underscored the pressing security challenges Colombia grapples with, particularly along its porous border with Venezuela.

Luis Diaz in Crisis

Luis Diaz, a beacon of talent for Liverpool, faced an unimaginable personal crisis when his parents were abducted by armed assailants in Barrancas, Colombia. While his mother, Cilenis Marulanda, was subsequently released following a police chase, the whereabouts of his father, Luis Manuel Diaz, remain shrouded in mystery. The news reached Diaz amidst preparations for a Premier League match, prompting him to immediately leave the team hotel. Liverpool’s staff, showing immense solidarity, rallied around him during this tumultuous period.

A Nation’s Response

The Colombian authorities, recognizing the gravity of the situation, have initiated a comprehensive search operation. Their focus is primarily on the dense jungle regions adjacent to the Venezuelan border. The search involves over 130 personnel, including specialized jungle commandos. The possibility of Diaz’s father being smuggled into Venezuela has heightened concerns, given the challenging terrains and the intricacies of the dense jungles.

The football community’s response to this incident has been overwhelmingly supportive. Diogo Jota, a fellow Liverpool player, dedicated his goal to Diaz in a touching gesture that resonated deeply with fans and players alike. Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, emphasized the team’s unwavering support for Diaz during this challenging time.

The kidnapping has shed light on the broader socio-political challenges in Colombia. La Guajira, Diaz’s home region, is known for its economic challenges. The region has historically been a hotspot for paramilitary activity, further complicating the search efforts. The Wayuu population, an indigenous community to which Diaz belongs, has faced systemic disadvantages, making this incident even more poignant.

New Developments

A reward of 200m Colombian pesos (approximately $40k USD) has been announced by the Colombian police for anyone who can provide crucial information leading to the rescue of Diaz’s father. Francisco Barbosa, Colombia’s attorney general, has expressed concerns that Diaz’s father might have been taken to Venezuela. Efforts are underway to coordinate with Venezuelan authorities, with additional troops being deployed to patrol the border.

In a heartfelt statement, Colombia’s football federation pleaded for the immediate and unconditional release of Luis Manuel Diaz, emphasizing that “Football is peace. Luis, we are with you. Colombia is with you.” The director of the police, General William Salamanca, who is now leading the rescue mission, has communicated with Diaz, assuring him of the extensive efforts being made for the safe return of his father.

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