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Abducted Colombian Soldiers Released by Guerilla Group in Cauca


farc Colombia release colombian soldiers in cauca
FARC Dissidents Release Kidnapped Soldiers in Cauca – Photo: @FuerzasMilCol / X

On Sunday afternoon, November 5th, FARC dissidents released a group of soldiers they had detained at El Plateado, in Cauca, Colombia. It was reported that civilians, who were acting under orders by a local group, had detained the soldiers and held them captive for several hours yesterday. Eventually the soldiers were released by the Central General Staff of the FARC (EMC), the largest dissident group of the former FARC, a criminal band allegedly responsible for the captive order.

Along with the soldiers, four women were also released who, according to reports, had been kidnapped and sexually exploited by the armed group. Both the soldiers and the civilian women were escorted by peasant guards to a rural area of the municipality of El Tambo, where they were received by delegates from the international community and the Army.

Use of Civilians for Criminal Practices in Colombia

Dissidents from the Carlos Patiño column, a unit affiliated with the EMC dissidence, are reportedly pressuring the community to act against the military, as happened last Saturday when residents of the district removed Army members from the urban area after receiving intimidating messages and audio recordings on their mobile phones.

“It was possible to witness a potential instrumentalization and threats to the civilian population of El Plateado and the nearby hamlets of the district by the Carlos Patiño structure of the self-styled Central General Staff of the FARC, obstructing the constitutional mission of the Public Force through riots, where members of the National Army were kidnapped; constituting a clear violation of human rights, and crimes such as violence against a public servant, illegal coercion, terrorism, and kidnapping,” explains the statement from the Colombian Army.

Military sources also reported that the uniformed personnel were in good health. The four civilian women released “had been kidnapped by this organized armed group and, apparently, subjected to sexual exploitation.”

Area of Operation of FARC dissidents and other Illegal Groups in Colombia

This region of the Cauca department is a district where the guerrilla operates and where its presence has been significant for years. In fact, much of the district is controlled by units of this illegal armed group, to the point that it was difficult for electoral authorities to deliver materials for the regional elections on October 29th.

Major Andrés Mahecha, commander of the Urban Anti-Terrorist Special Forces Group, indicated that his men remained in the area carrying out de-mining tasks, during which they noticed a cylinder on a bridge that threatened to harm the civilian population. For this reason, the officer emphasized that the people living in this region of the country “cry out” for the authorities to be present in the area.

In response, the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, reported that there is a presidential order for the Public Force to regain control of that area, so that the Army can impose public order.

FARC dissidents liberate soldiers in Colombia
Presidential Order for the Army to Retake Control in Cauca – Photo: @FuerzasMilCol / X

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