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Colombian Teen’s Remarkable Recovery from a Life-Threatening Bacterial Infection in the U.S.


Colombian Teen Recovery Bacterial Infection
Help Mathías at GoFundMe, in the #MiracleForMathias campaign- Credit: GoFundMe

In Nashville, Tennessee, the life of Mathias Uribe Gutierrez, a 14-year-old boy originally from Colombia, took an unexpected turn. What began as a minor ailment following a family outing quickly escalated into a severe medical emergency. Mathías was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome, a rare but life-threatening condition triggered by the Group A Streptococcus bacteria. This diagnosis led to a series of critical medical decisions, including the amputation of all his limbs to save his life.

Extended Battle in Intensive Care

Mathías’s fight for survival was arduous. He spent 143 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where he underwent 23 surgeries. His condition also required a 13-day ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) therapy, a sophisticated life support technique. These medical interventions were crucial in stabilizing his condition and setting the stage for his subsequent recovery.

The Rehabilitation Journey and Community Support

Following his stabilization, Mathías embarked on a rehabilitation journey in Chicago. This phase of his recovery focuses on muscle strengthening and adapting to prosthetic limbs. The rehabilitation process is both physically and mentally demanding, requiring immense resilience and determination. The goal of this phase is to enable Mathías to regain as much independence and functionality as possible.

The financial burden of Mathías’s medical treatment and ongoing rehabilitation is significant. In response, the family has received overwhelming support from the community and various organizations. Notably, Humanos 3D, an organization specializing in 3D-printed assistive devices, has played a pivotal role. They have committed to providing Mathías with the necessary prosthetic equipment and have initiated fundraising campaigns to support his rehabilitation expenses.

Mathías’s adaptation to his new circumstances has been a journey marked by courage and optimism. Despite the physical and emotional challenges, he remains focused on his goals. His aspirations to pursue a career in engineering and return to sports are driving forces in his recovery.

The Role of Medical Innovation

The medical interventions and rehabilitation techniques employed in Mathías’s treatment highlight the advancements in modern medicine. The use of ECMO therapy and the development of customized prosthetics represent significant strides in healthcare, offering hope and improved outcomes for patients facing similar challenges.

As Mathías continues his rehabilitation, his story stands as a testament to human resilience and the power of community support. His journey underscores the challenges faced by young individuals dealing with severe medical conditions and the importance of access to advanced medical care and rehabilitation services.

How can you help Mathias?
Those who want to contribute can do so through:

GoFundMe, in the #MiracleForMathias campaign; You can make your donations at the following link:

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