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MajestuOSOS: A Dazzling Light Show at the Bogota Botanical Garden


Exploring Biodiversity through Luminous Sculptures The Botanical Garden of Bogotá, lights up with the inauguration of MajestuOSOS- credit: jardinbotanicodebogota/instagram

Bogota, November 2023 – The Bogotá Botanical Garden is set to transform into a magical realm of lights with the inauguration of MajestuOSOS, a light show that will illuminate the capital’s night sky from November 25, 2023, to January 14, 2024. This dazzling display, conceived as a scientific and educational endeavor, is the result of the hard work of a team of 100% Colombian designers.

The initiative aims to highlight the biodiversity and the value of three ecosystems crucial to life in Colombia: The Páramo, the High Andean Forest, and the perpetual snows of the Nevados. MajestuOSOS features 120 giant light sculptures representing the rich flora and fauna characteristic of these unique environments.

Inspired by the recognition of the country’s natural wealth, the designers have managed to capture the essence of Colombian biodiversity in each sculpture. The flickering lights, combined with vibrant shapes and colors, create a visual spectacle that transports visitors to the magical landscapes of páramos, forests, and snow-covered mountains.

One of the most iconic pieces in MajestuOSOS is the representation of Bachué, the mythical figure of the mother goddess in Muisca mythology. This image, enveloped in radiant lights, pays homage to the ancestral connection between indigenous peoples and the conservation of biodiversity. The wisdom passed down through generations is reflected in every detail of the exhibition, reminding us of the importance of preserving our ecosystems.

The exhibition is not only a visual delight but also an educational opportunity to understand the relevance of the featured ecosystems. Through informative panels and interactive activities, visitors can delve into the importance of preserving these water sources crucial to life in Colombia.

MajestuOSOS not only illuminates the Bogotá Botanical Garden but also enlightens the environmental consciousness of spectators. The intersection of science, pedagogy, and Colombian creativity is evident in every corner of this exhibition, reminding us of the natural wealth we must protect.

So, starting from November 25, get ready to immerse yourself in a luminous journey through the majestic landscapes of Colombia at the Bogotá Botanical Garden. MajestuOSOS is set to enchant everyone with the magic of biodiversity!

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