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Unique Christmas Decorations Across Colombia Create Festive Magic


Christmas Lights in Colombia
Christmas lighting in Medellin, Colombia. Credit Luis Ospino/ColombiaOne

The holiday season in Colombia brings forth an explosion of lights and colors that illuminate cities and ignite the festive spirit throughout the country. From the dazzling lights of Medellin to Barranquilla’s largest Christmas tree, every corner of the country transforms into a magical spectacle that delights both locals and visitors alike.

Medellin: A Disney Enchanted World

In its 56th year, Medellin’s Christmas lights immerse themselves in a universe of magic and fantasy. Honoring Disney’s centenary, the city dresses up with the iconic colors and characters of Mickey Mouse, The Lion King, Cinderella, and more. The Medellin River becomes the canvas for this exhibition, transporting visitors through eight decades of enchanted stories.

Bogota: A Show of Light and Unity

The capital, Bogota, adorns itself with 35 illuminated spots thanks to the Enel Codensa initiative and the Mayor’s Office. Beyond beautifying the streets, this initiative aims to instill a spirit of unity and hope. With lights selected for their energy efficiency, each public space turns into a magical spectacle from 6:00 p.m. until midnight.

Christmas Lights in Colombia
This year the Christmas Route in Bogata will be on every day between 6:00 p.m. and midnight, from November 24 to January 9. Credit: Bogota City Hall

Barranquilla: The Dazzling Giant Tree

Barranquilla shines with the world’s largest Christmas tree, a monumental structure adorned with 500,000 LED lights next to the Ventana al Mundo monument. This impressive 65-meter-tall structure has become an attraction that amazes both locals and visitors, requiring a joint effort of 120 people for 30 days for its assembly.

The largest Christmas tree in Colombia right next to the monument to the window of the world in Barranquilla. Credit: Carnival_SA/Twitter

Boyaca: Christmas Magic in Eight Municipalities

The magic of Christmas extends to eight municipalities in Boyaca, with Duitama, Tunja, Paipa, Villa de Leyva, and others standing out for their creatively colorful light displays. These places invite locals and tourists to immerse themselves in the festive magic.

Christmas Lights in Colombia
Lighting on the Boyaca Bridge. Credit: Government of Boyaca

Cali: Salsa Illuminated in the “Branch Office of Heaven”

The city of Cali will light up its show of lights on December 1st, centered on narrating its history through salsa music. Recognized for this musical genre, Cali’s illuminations highlight its legacy and cultural importance.

Christmas Lights in Colombia
Cali presented part of its 2023 Christmas lighting. credit: Mayor’s Office of Cali

Throughout the country, from the majestic lights of Medellín to Barranquilla’s monumental tree, Christmas in Colombia dresses itself in magic, color, and festivity, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in this enchanted universe.

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