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Most Googled Words in Colombia in 2023


Google searches Colombia 2023
‘Chat GPT’, ‘Liga Betplay 2023’, and ‘WhatsApp Web’ are the top Google searches for Colombians in 2023. Credit: Google

‘Chat GPT’, ‘Liga Betplay 2023’, and ‘WhatsApp Web’ are the top Google searches for Colombians in 2023. Does this surprise you? Or were you also one of the many Colombians who googled those words?

Colombians search for Chat GPT

The search term ‘Chat GPT’ reflects a growing interest among Colombians in conversational AI technologies. Clearly, Colombians are exploring the capabilities of chatbots and AI-driven conversations. Colombians also search for topics related to the term ‘Chat GPT’ through its variations, such as ‘Chatgpt’, ‘what is chat gpt’, ‘artificial intelligence’, and ‘chat bot’.

It seems that Colombians have found a new interest and tool to make things easier: from research work to a simple answer, Chat GPT can be your companion at school or university, or simply your best friend. What about you? Why do you use artificial intelligence bots?

Bets, and Colombians’ passion for football

The ‘Liga Betplay 2023’ also makes it to the list of the most googled terms in Colombia during the past year. It’s not surprising that Colombians love national and international football, betting, and trying to guess the winning score.

Ask yourself, how many times have you bet thinking you have the match result? Another search that doesn’t surprise us from Colombians!

Did you google ‘WhatsApp’ this year? Many Colombians did!

The ‘WhatsApp Web’ feature that many people use makes it easier to access the number one messaging application in Colombia and the world. Colombians google this term like everyone else: to have faster access to the application.

Being able to open WhatsApp on your laptop helps you communicate better and is an effective tool to greet friends, family, or to use for work.

These search trends allow us to see the technological and cultural landscape of Colombia in 2023. The interest in advanced communication tools, football, and digital platforms highlights the country’s interests and priorities. Yes, that means Colombians are thinking about artificial intelligence, football, and sending text messages.

As the world becomes more interconnected, these trends in Colombia provide valuable information for global observers. The country’s digital evolution and cultural preferences play a crucial role in shaping its identity on the international stage.

These trends reflect the adoption of technology and cultural activities by Colombia, providing a snapshot of the nation’s digital and social landscape.

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