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70-year-old Grandmother Graduates from School With Her Grandson in Colombia


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A 70-year-old woman, graduated from high school in Colombia, an achievement she shared with her 18-year-old grandson. Credit: Olia Danilevich/Pexels/Public domain

In an emotional event that has touched an entire municipality in Colombia, Maria Fabiola Rios, a 70-year-old grandmother, graduated from high school this week, an achievement she shared with her 18-year-old grandson, Said.

This inspiring story of resilience and dedication took place in the municipality of Soledad, Atlantico. The graduation ceremony was the setting where Maria Fabiola and her grandson Said radiated shared happiness, proving that age is not a barrier to achieving educational goals.

Said, visibly proud of his grandmother, highlighted Maria Rios’s effort and perseverance during the time they studied together. The sincere joy and satisfaction were evident on the faces of both graduates, dressed in gowns and caps, during the emotional ceremony held at the Jose Consuegra Higgins Theater in Barranquilla.

To inspire your Grandson

Maria Fabiola’s determination to inspire her grandson was the driving force behind her decision to resume her studies. Although she had studied up to seventh grade, she had to leave school to support her mother. However, her grandson and his academic challenge were the spark that ignited her determination. As Maria Fabiola mentioned, “He motivated me because he missed two years and failed the year, that motivated me. I said ‘no, I’m not going to leave him alone, I’m going to encourage him to study.'”

Enrolled in the eighth grade, the same level Said was also attending at Caldas School, Maria Fabiola became a role model for her classmates. Described as friendly and committed, Maria Fabiola not only excelled in her studies but also became a good companion for her peers.

Good companion

Luis Alberto Castillo, one of her classmates, remembered her as a kind but disciplined person, while Laura Buelvas praised her for her wisdom and willingness to help. For many, having Maria Fabiola in the classroom was like having a grandmother, a respected and loving figure.

The highlight of this inspiring story was the presentation of high school diplomas to both grandmother and grandson, a moment filled with emotion and pride. True to her life philosophy, Maria Fabiola shared a valuable message: “One has to make an effort, and as the kids say, ‘let’s go for whatever.'”

With two honors received during the ceremony, Maria Fabiola Rios does not stop here. She now embarks on a new goal: studying Fashion Design, a career that complements her experience as a dressmaker. Her story is a living testimony that it is never too late to pursue dreams and that determination and love for learning have no age limits.

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