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Petro Will Not Attend Milei’s Inauguration as President of Argentina


Petro no asistirá posesión Milei presidente Argentina
Petro will not attend Milei’s inauguration as president in Argentina – Credit: Vox España / Public domain

President Gustavo Petro of Colombia will not attend the inauguration of Javier Milei as president in Argentina next Sunday, December 10th. Instead, Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva will represent Colombia at the event. The Colombian president was invited despite ongoing tensions between the two, which even surfaced on the night of the election.

Petro lamented Milei’s victory

“The extreme right has won in Argentina; it’s their society’s decision. Sad for Latin America, and we’ll see… Neoliberalism no longer has proposals for society, it can’t address humanity’s current problems,” wrote Petro on his social media.

Months ago, the two politicians clashed on the same social platform regarding Milei’s description of the Catholic Pope, Francis, whom he labeled as the “devil’s envoy.” Nevertheless, diplomatic relations between their countries are strategic and won’t undergo any alterations.

On another note, Argentina’s president-elect also invited Gabriel Boric, the Chilean head of state, and Lula da Silva, the former Brazilian president, both left-wing politicians like Gustavo Petro. Boric confirmed his attendance at the Buenos Aires event, while Lula has not yet made any statement.

Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal will attend

Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal from the Democratic Center has already confirmed her presence at Javier Milei’s inauguration in Argentina. The Colombian politician, known for her controversies on social media, represents the more populist and extremist wing of Colombia’s right-wing.

“I want to share some news that makes me happy. I’m going to Javier Milei’s inauguration in Argentina, meeting this team of freedom fighters. Milei defeated the ruling party that had been destroying a country that was once the richest in the world for 70 years, and one after another, the tyrants will fall because freedom comes first,” expressed the senator in a video in her usual challenging tone.

Cabal enthusiastically supported Milei’s electoral campaign and has attended events held by the far-right Spanish party, Vox. Nationally, the senator has been a vocal critic of peace policies and social reforms promoted by the Colombian government.

“The right is awakening in Latin America! This continent is ours, and we will take it back from the communist claws that have tried to take it away from us,” she wrote on social media celebrating Javier Milei’s victory on November 19th.

Presidential aspirations in Colombia

Although Colombia’s presidential elections are still two and a half years away, María Fernanda Cabal has already expressed her availability to lead a right-wing candidacy to regain power, currently held by the progressive Petro.

Cabal, however, represents this new populist, extremist, radical right, distinct from the conservatism seen during President Juan Manuel Santos’s tenure. With a confrontational and daring style, Cabal hopes to first obtain the support of her political colleagues to follow in Javier Milei’s footsteps and become Colombia’s first female president.

The senator is highly active on social media, and her fans regularly update platforms in support of her assertive manner. With a discourse firmly rooted in the Cold War, Cabal embodies in Colombia today a disruptive, anti-system, non-consensual right-wing stance. It’s a biting style that has proven effective in the Americas and Europe. The senator hopes that by occupying this space, her electoral chances will turn into votes. The road is long and this is just its beginning.

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