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Most Listened to December Songs in Colombia


Colombia December songs
There is a variety of typical songs that are heard in December in Colombia. Credit: Alhill42/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 4.0

December brings a unique symphony to Colombia, where Christmas tunes fill the air with festive vibes. From traditional carols to dance rhythms, music becomes the perfect accompaniment for this season of celebration and joy.

The rhythms and musical genres during December in Colombia reflect the country’s cultural diversity. These melodies aren’t just festive sounds; they’re also emotional links evoking nostalgia, joy, and tradition, marking the beginning of a season full of light and harmony.


Carols are the undisputed protagonists during this time of year. From December 16th until Christmas Eve, these traditional melodies adorn shopping centers, restaurants, and public spaces. Among the most requested are classic pieces like ‘Los peces en el rio,’ ‘El Tamborilero,’ ‘Cascabel,’ ‘Blanca Navidad,’ ‘El Reno Rodolfo,’ and ‘Noche de paz,’ among other Christmas anthems.

Dance Rhythms

Dance music holds a special place in the December musical repertoire. Popular salsa songs like ‘Año nuevo, vida nueva,’ immortalized by Billos Caracas Boys, become anthems to welcome the New Year. Other songs like ‘Navidad Que Vuelve’ or ‘Un año que viene y otro que se va’ are also joyfully sung during these festive days.

Melodies by Diomedes Diaz

Diomedes Diaz, a renowned icon of vallenato music, has a special song for this season called ‘Mensaje De Navidad’ (Christmas Message). Although his melodies resonate throughout the year, during December, they shine brightly and become an essential part of the festive musical repertoire.

Festivities on the Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean Coast stands out with its own December anthems. Songs like ’24 de diciembre’ by Lisandro Meza, ‘Los Sabanales’ by Binomio de Oro, and other porros (a Colombian dance and music style) and regional classics become the soul of the celebrations. ‘El seis chorreao,’ ‘Las Cuatro Fiestas,’ ‘Cinco pa las 12,’ ‘Aires de Navidad,’ ‘Cali Pachanguero,’ ‘Amerindio,’ ‘Alma Navideña,’ among others, resonate with their characteristic Caribbean flavor.

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