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Colombia in Top 10 Countries with Most Foreign Tourists


Tourists in Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia is among the favorite tourist destinations in Latin America. Credit: A.P. / Colombia One

In 2023, Colombia witnessed a significant 23% increase in international tourism arrivals, as reported by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This surge places Colombia in a prominent position within the global tourism landscape.

The UNWTO’s comprehensive report for 2023 underscores Colombia’s emergence as a major destination for international travelers. The first seven months of the year have seen a substantial increase in tourists, drawn to Colombia’s rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and renowned hospitality.

Key Drivers of Colombia’s Tourism Popularity

Several factors contribute to Colombia’s rising popularity in the global tourism market. The country has made significant strides in enhancing its tourism infrastructure, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors. Additionally, Colombia’s varied landscapes, ranging from lush jungles and pristine beaches to historic urban centers, cater to a broad spectrum of interests, attracting travelers from all over the world.

Insightful Data from Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism

Recent data released by Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism provides a detailed look at the country’s tourism surge. From January to July of 2023, there was a 32.3% increase in the arrival of non-resident visitors compared to the same period in 2022. These figures highlight Colombia’s escalating prominence as a sought-after global tourist destination.

The United States leads as the primary source of tourists to Colombia, followed by Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, and Peru. This diverse range of source countries underscores Colombia’s appeal across different regions, further solidifying its status in the international tourism sector.

Colombia’s tourism growth is part of a wider trend in the global travel industry. Other countries experiencing notable increases in tourism include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Albania, El Salvador, and Andorra. These trends reflect a dynamic shift in international travel preferences and interests.

Colombia’s tourism sector is thriving, with the country increasingly recognized as a key destination in the global tourism arena. Its diverse attractions, coupled with a commitment to enhancing tourist experiences, continue to attract a wide array of international visitors. As Colombia’s presence in the global tourism market grows, it offers unique and enriching experiences to travelers seeking adventure and cultural exploration.

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