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Kidnapped migrants rescued in Mexico


migrants rescued Mexico
Kidnapped migrants rescued in Mexico – Credit: @JesusRCuevas / X

The 31 migrants kidnapped in Mexico, including 4 Colombians, have been rescued. This has been confirmed by the Mexican government, which has informed that the 31 people, mostly of Venezuelan origin, who were illegally seized on the afternoon of Saturday, December 30 “were rescued safe and sound”.

The migrants were kidnapped while traveling in a bus on the highway between Reynosa and Matamoros, two border cities in the state of Tamaulipas, one of the routes used by migrants to reach the United States. The Mexican government had confirmed on the morning of January 3 that among the migrants kidnapped by an unknown armed group were citizens of various Latin American countries.

After regaining their freedom, the migrants were taken to health centers for medical examinations.

Police success in Mexico

Although Mexican authorities have not clarified which criminal group was responsible for the action, they did say that the rescue was possible thanks to the coordination of federal forces and Tamaulipas state authorities.

“Thanks to the coordinated effort of the Government of Tamaulipas, the State Attorney General’s Office, the Ministry of National Defense, the National Guard and the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, it was possible to rescue the 31 migrants,” Jesus Ramirez Cuevas, spokesperson for the Mexican Presidency, wrote on social networks.

The Tamaulipas State Prosecutor’s Office led the investigation together with the Mexican government, with the participation of the National Guard and the Ministries of Defense, the Navy and Security. Police actions included telephone follow-ups to locate the kidnappers, analysis of the videos left in the bus in which the migrants were traveling and which was robbed, and the cooperation of expert sniffer dogs.

An “atypical” mass abduction

Kidnappings of migrants are common in these border regions between Mexico and the United States, although not on such a massive scale. Behind these criminal acts are all kinds of mafias that seek to make a profit by demanding a ransom from the families of the kidnapped persons. In this case, swift police action prevented the criminals from succeeding, securing the release of the migrants within a few days.

“This type of event has occurred with one, two or three migrants, but this number in this area is atypical, it is not a frequent occurrence,” said the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodriguez.

The mass kidnapping is indeed unusual, but it occurred following a year in which illegal migration to the US has set an all-time record. According to official data provided last December, between January and November 2023 more than 2.2 million people attempted to enter the United States through the Mexican border.

The dangerous migrant route

The border state of Tamaulipas has become infamous for its dangers, especially for the thousands of migrants who pass through it daily on their way to the United States. The migration crisis led Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to meet with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the Mexican capital a few days ago.

After the meeting, the Aztec president assured that “important agreements” had been reached, without specifying what type of agreements these were. What did transpire is that the US representative pressured the Mexican authorities to put more means in place to control the flow of illegal migrants crossing Mexican territory to reach the United States.

The human flow seems unstoppable, since not even the evident danger of the routes, the mafias or the kidnappings stop a multitude of people who continue to look northward, in search not of the “American dream”, but simply of a dignified life for themselves and their families.

Just yesterday, the Mexican Secretary of Security reported a meeting she had held with the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, in which the issue of illegal migration was undoubtedly discussed again between authorities on both sides of the Rio Grande border.

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