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Fishing in Colombia: A Complete Guide


fishing in Colombia
Men fishing in the Magdalena River in Mompox, Colombia. Credit: Genesis de La Ossa / Colombia One

Colombia offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities, given the diverse landscapes and natural resources throughout its territory. From river fishing to fishing in the Caribbean Sea, Colombians and visitors are fortunate to be able to enjoy different types of fishing in both freshwater and saltwater environments across the country.

River and Lake Fishing in Colombia

Colombia boasts numerous rivers and lakes that offer exceptional opportunities for freshwater fishing. The Magdalena, Cauca, and Orinoco rivers are some of the most popular destinations for river fishing enthusiasts. In these watercourses, one can catch a variety of fish, such as catfish, peacock bass, tigerfish, and pavón. Lakes like Lake Tota, La Cocha, and Lake Guatavita are also popular fishing destinations.

Fishing in the Colombian Caribbean

Fishing Marlin in Colombia
Marlin catch in the village of Taganga, Colombia Credit: A.P. / Colombia One

The Caribbean coast of Colombia is a paradise for anglers looking to explore saltwater environments. Sport fishing is highly valued in places like Cartagena, Santa Marta, and San Andrés. In these waters, fishermen can encounter a wide range of species, including sailfish, tuna, dorado, and wahoo. Offshore fishing is particularly exciting in the region, with the opportunity to catch large game fish.

Fishing in the Colombian Amazon

The Colombian Amazon is a haven for freshwater fishing enthusiasts and is home to a rich aquatic biodiversity. The Amazon, Caquetá, and Putumayo rivers offer exceptional opportunities for catching species like arapaima, payara, piranha, and pirarucu. Anglers visiting this region can experience the magic of fishing amidst the Amazon rainforest.

Trout Fishing

Colombia’s mountainous regions are ideal for trout fishing. Places like Boyacá and Cundinamarca offer crystal-clear streams and rivers that are home to rainbow and brown trout. Trout fishing is a popular activity for those seeking a natural and peaceful setting.

Artisanal Fishing

Artisanal fishing is a vital activity in Colombia’s coastal and riverside communities. Artisanal fishermen use traditional methods and sustainable fishing techniques to capture a variety of species such as shrimp, tilapia, snook, and bocachico. This form of fishing is essential for the local economy and the livelihoods of many coastal communities.

Colombia offers a wide range of fishing options. Nature lovers can enjoy the wealth of aquatic biodiversity that the country has to offer and experience the thrill of catching fish in some of the most impressive natural environments in South America. Finally, let’s not forget that it is crucial to fish responsibly and respect local regulations to contribute to the conservation of aquatic ecosystems in Colombia.

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