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Nicolas Maduro Denounces CIA Conspiracies in Colombia


Nicolas Maduro conspiracies
Nicolas Maduro denounces CIA conspiracies in Colombia – Credit: @NicolasMaduro / X

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced four “coup plots” orchestrated, he said, from Colombia and Miami to end his presidency and his own life. According to what the Venezuelan president explained in his annual address to the nation, the alleged plots ended with civilians and military prisoners and took place in the months of May, August, November and December. Maduro also accused the CIA and the DEA of promoting these actions.

In a new strategy of the ruler, accusing foreign elements of conspiring to end his government, the Venezuelan president once again lashed out against Colombia, after a few weeks ago he directly accused former Colombian president Ivan Duque of being behind other past attempts to end his presidency in Venezuela.

Speech before the National Assembly

In his traditional annual speech in front of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Maduro dedicated part of his six-hour speech to attack external enemies, whom he once again accused without evidence of hatching a plan to overthrow him. For the Venezuelan president, however, the year 2023 has not been a bad year, since he has achieved the partial and temporary lifting of some international sanctions, in addition to signing an agreement with his country’s opposition to prepare for the presidential elections at the end of this year.

In this sense, the head of state presented before the country’s legislative power a triumphalist balance of his administration, defining 2023 as a year “of recovery”. However, the president dedicated part of his time to re-identify external enemies who are working, he said, to force him out of power.

“The four conspiracies, which the ultra-right wing set up together with Colombian drug trafficking, together with the CIA and together with the extreme right wing of Miami, had the objective of assassinating me, assassinating Minister Padrino, assassinating important political and military leaders of Venezuela, and creating chaos and commotion in the country, to cut the peace and stability process in Venezuela”, said Maduro during his speech.

In his allegations, he also mentioned that there would be foreign elements linked to the plan to kill him, as well as Venezuelan military and other mercenaries who defected from his Armed Forces in 2020 and 2021.

Allegations about the CIA base in Colombia

Maduro explained that the U.S. intelligence agency had prepared several frustrated attempts to overthrow him from the CIA base in Colombia. In those accusations, the president also pointed to the DEA of being part of the group of conspirators.

“Established during the governments of Uribe, Santos and Ivan Duque, it continues to act secretly and with impunity conspiring against Venezuela. The DEA base in Colombia and its main officials continue acting together with drug trafficking groups conspiring against Venezuela”, claimed the Venezuelan president.

In his denunciation, the president stated that the latest objective was to assault a military unit in San Cristobal on January 1 in the early hours of the morning. In this task, according to what he said, “mercenaries, military brought from Miami, Peru, Colombia and some officers captured during the year 2021 by the CIA” were going to participate.

All these incriminations were compiled in a report that the Head of State delivered to the President of the Legislative Power, Jorge Rodriguez, brother of Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez.

They will provide evidence

For now, and as has happened in the past with similar allegations, the Venezuelan president has not provided any evidence to support his accusations. However, the president has announced that his government will soon make public evidence to support his claims.

“In these four cases, which you will know more about in time, I am delivering evidence, recordings, testimonies, because all those involved are convicted and confessed”, added the president.

Considering that in his statements, Nicolas Maduro accuses foreign agents located in Colombia, the Venezuelan leader explained that he had already communicated these facts to the government of Gustavo Petro, with whom the Venezuelan leader maintains good relations, after reopening the border between both countries with the change of the Colombian government in 2022.

Alex Saab has a new position

Finally, in Maduro’s speech it was also announced that Alex Saab, the controversial Colombian businessman recently pardoned and extradited from the U.S. to Venezuela, will serve as the new president of the International Investment Center. Saab, who for many months was accused by the US Administration of acting as Nicolas Maduro’s personal front man, will thus have a new position of responsibility within the Venezuelan government.

“I announce the appointment of Alex Saab Moran as the new president of the Venezuelan Productive Investment Center, so that he, with his experience, will help our country to bring investments and bring the economic strength of the world,” the president said.

The Venezuelan International Investment Center was created in October 2020 by Maduro with the aim of attracting local and foreign capital to boost the national economy and for the “registration, study and monitoring” of the sanctions imposed on the Venezuelan economy.

In making the appointment, Maduro has asserted that he “fully” trusts Saab and has reconfirmed the diplomatic status of the Colombian, member of the Government delegation for the dialogue with the opposition.

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