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Top Ten Largest Companies in Colombia


Largest Companies in Colombia
Ecopetrol leads the top largest companies in Colombia, with operating income of $144.82 billion. Credit: Josep Freixes/Colombia One

The Superintendence of Companies has unveiled its annual report on the 1,000 largest companies in Colombia, offering insights into the country’s corporate landscape, comparing their performance to the previous year.

This comprehensive analysis covers key financial indicators such as assets, liabilities, equity, and income statements, providing a holistic view of the corporate sector’s health.

Impressive Financial Upturn

According to the report, there is a remarkable 34% increase in the operational income of real-sector companies. Billy Escobar, the Superintendent of Companies, highlighted this surge as indicative of improved profitability, reflecting a healthier financial landscape for Colombian businesses.

The report integrates data from various regulatory bodies, including the Financial Superintendence, Private Surveillance and Security Superintendence, Health Superintendence, Public Utility Services Superintendence, and Transportation Superintendence. It encompasses financial metrics like assets, liabilities, equity, operational income, gains, and losses.

Top 10 companies in Colombia

Colombia, known for its diversity and economic opportunities, hosts several influential companies in Latin America. The Superintendence of Companies has outlined the ten largest companies in Colombia, shedding light on their impact on the country’s economy.

Ecopetrol S.A.

Undoubtedly the largest company in Colombia, Ecopetrol dominates the mining and hydrocarbon sector. With operational revenues reaching $144.82 trillion, showcasing an impressive 70.7% growth from the previous year, Ecopetrol significantly contributes to Colombia’s GDP and plays a pivotal role in generating employment.

companies Colombia
Ecopetrol, the largest and most prominent oil company in Colombia. Photo: EEIM / CC BY-SA 3.0

Refineria de Cartagena S.A.S. (Reficar)

Reficar, also known as the Cartagena Refinery, holds the second position in Colombia’s corporate hierarchy. As a crucial player in processing large quantities of crude oil, Reficar significantly impacts the hydrocarbon market. Its operational income amounted to $27.86 trillion, reflecting the dynamism of the manufacturing sector.

Organización Terpel S.A.

Ranked third among Colombia’s major companies, Terpel is a key player in the hydrocarbon sector. Specializing in fuel and lubricant distribution, Terpel plays a vital role in the country’s energy supply chain. With an extensive network of service stations, Terpel not only caters to domestic fuel needs but also has a substantial presence in the Latin American market.

Cerrejon Coals Limited

A major player in the mining industry, Cerrejon Coals specializes in coal extraction and exportation. Operating one of the world’s largest open-pit coal mines in La Guajira, the company significantly contributes to Colombia’s economy by being a leading producer and exporter of coal globally.

companies Colombia
Cerrejon Coal Mine in La Guajira, Colombia. Credit: Tanenhaus/CC BY 2.0

Drummond Ltd

One of the leading companies in Colombia, Drummond operates extensive open-pit mining operations in the Cesar and Magdalena departments. With substantial coal production and export capabilities, Drummond is vital to the Colombian economy.

Almacenes Exito S.A.

Almacenes Exito stands out in the retail sector, boasting a vast network of supermarkets and stores offering a diverse range of products. Recognized for its innovation in customer service and marketing, Exito plays a crucial role in Colombia’s retail sector, significantly contributing to employment and economic growth.

Grupo exito supermarket colombia
The Exito supermarket chain is the largest in Colombia. Credit: A.P. / Colombia One

Empresas Publicas de Medellin EPM

A major player in public utility services, Empresas Publicas de Medellin is headquartered in Medellin. With operational revenues of 15.07 trillion pesos in 2022, the company plays a crucial role in providing essential services to the Colombian population.

Nueva EPS S.A.

A significant player in the Colombian healthcare sector, Nueva EPS specializes in providing health services within the Colombian healthcare system.

Comunicacion Celular S.A. (Claro Colombia)

Claro Colombia, also known as Comcel, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country. Offering a wide range of services, including mobile and internet, Claro Colombia holds a significant position in Colombia’s telecommunications market.

Telecommunications 5g Colombia
Claro Colombia worker. Credit: AP / Colombia One

D1 S.A.S.

D1 is a rapidly growing discount supermarket chain in Colombia, known for its low-price business model and a variety of high-rotation products. Revolutionizing the retail sector, D1 has become one of the most popular and fast-growing store chains in the country, influencing consumer behavior and the consumer goods market significantly.

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