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The Legend of the Mountain Mother in the Colombian Amazon


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In Colombia, the legend of the Mountain Mother captivates with its enchanting narrative. Credit: DALLE

Deep within the landscapes of Colombian Amazonia and the eastern plains, the age-old legend of the “Mountain Mother” (La Madre Monte) captivates with its enchanting narrative. This enigmatic figure, a blend of woman and forest, cloaked in a veil of leaves and green moss, maintains her mysterious charm.

The Mountain Mother’s judgment on the greedy in Colombia

As a supernatural guardian, the Mountain Mother emerges, meting out retribution to those who exploit nature, particularly the avaricious hunters and loggers of Colombia. Her influence extends beyond the tangible, unsettling those on treacherous paths, foiling their malevolent schemes, and leading them astray into the labyrinthine embrace of the Colombian forest.

Accounts from Colombian farmers and loggers unveil a corpulent and elegant figure, clad in fresh leaves and green moss, her face veiled beneath a hat adorned with leaves and feathers. Mysterious cries and roars resonate on stormy, dark nights, marking her presence in the secluded realms far from civilization, where untamed creatures roam freely.

The Mountain Mother’s influence on Colombian rivers

Legend has it that La Madre Monte’s ritualistic bathing in the headwaters of Colombian rivers triggers chaos—waters turn murky, overflow, and catastrophic floods ensue. Her wrath extends to those who encroach upon her Colombian domain, especially the disloyal, the wicked, unfaithful spouses, and wandering souls. Livestock falls under curses for those who tamper with the boundaries of others’ lands.

Protection from the La Madre Monte’s wrath requires rituals and talismans deeply ingrained in Colombian traditions. Carrying a tobacco pipe, wearing a vine of adorote around the waist, or possessing seeds of cavalonnga offer safeguards. Freshly cut guayacan twigs serve as protective talismans. Additionally, wearing blessed scapulars, medals, or reciting the prayer of San Isidro Labrador is believed to ward off supernatural encounters in the heart of Colombian folklore.

The Mountain Mother across South American border

While originating in Colombian folklore, the legend of Mountain Mother transcends national borders, resonating in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay under various names such as Madreselva, Fantasma del monte, and Madre de los cerros. This mystical entity weaves an enchanting tapestry that unites diverse South American communities through shared tales of the supernatural.

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