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Colombia Ranks Fourth in Attracting Global Talent


Colombia hiring foreign
Colombia secured the fourth position for hiring foreign workers. Credit: Colombia One

According to Deel’s Global International Hiring Report, Colombia secured the fourth position for hiring foreign workers. In 2023, the country maintained its position in the top five for the second consecutive year, indicating its sustained attractiveness for global talent acquisition.

Colombia continues to feature prominently in global hiring trends, with the United States and the United Kingdom leading the list of countries hiring Colombian professionals. Spain and Argentina closely follow, experiencing a significant surge in incorporating local talent. This underscores the competence and versatility of Colombian workers across various sectors.

Shift in demand for professional roles

Roles in software development maintain their dominance in demand, consistent with the previous year. However, there has been noteworthy growth in the past year for Colombian professionals in areas such as teaching, customer service, and finance.

Digital nomad in Bogota Colombia
Professions linked to technological development are projected to be the most in demand in 2024 in Colombia. Credit: A.P. / Colombia One

Natalia Jimenez, Deel’s Regional Director for Latin America, emphasizes that these trends reflect the consolidation of global hiring practices. Both companies and workers benefit from the advantages of this model. Jimenez further notes that the annual report illuminates the evolution of a global workforce with access to employment opportunities worldwide, enriching companies with more diverse and capable talents.

Deel’s analysis reveals average incomes of Colombians

Deel’s analysis reveals that professionals hired through its platform earned an average of 162% more than their counterparts globally. This is particularly notable in software engineering, where an intermediate-level Colombian professional can earn an average annual salary of USD 146,200 while working for a foreign company.

Brazil leads the salary index in Latin America in this sector, with an average of USD 244,800. Overall, salaries in the region have seen a 2% increase compared to 2022.

Colombian companies are also expanding their horizons by hiring talent abroad. Among the most sought-after positions by Colombian organizations are coaches, music teachers, and software developers. The preferred countries for hiring foreign workers by Colombian companies include Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.

It is crucial to highlight that Deel’s technology not only streamlines global hiring but is also used by many organizations to integrate local talent into their teams. This provides professionals and companies with the ability to manage all aspects related to human resources from a single platform.

The Deel report, analyzing over 300,000 contracts in 160 countries and data from more than 20,000 clients and numerous third-party sources, provides valuable insights into global workforce trends over the past year.

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