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Tutucan Town Colombia: A Cultural Journey into Antioquia’s History


Tutucan town Colombia  Antioquia
Tutucan town in Colombia, a unique replica of a 1930s Antioquian town, offering a deep dive into the region’s cultural heritage. – Credit: Alejandro Giatsidakis / ColombiaOne

In the picturesque landscapes of Eastern Antioquia, Colombia, lies Tutucan, a distinctive town that is more than just a tourist destination. An hour’s drive from Medellín, this 33,000-square-meter area is a meticulously designed replica of a traditional Antioquian town from the 1930s. Developed by Comfama, a family compensation fund, Tutucan is not just a reconstruction of buildings but a revival of a bygone era, aiming to educate visitors about the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Architectural authenticity and historical representation

Tutucan’s architecture is a testament to the traditional Colombian building styles, featuring structures made of rammed earth (tapia pisada), wattle and daub (bahareque), wood, and wild cane (cañabrava). The town is a detailed recreation of both the urban and rural lifestyles of Antioquia’s inhabitants, complete with cattle and coffee farms, a mule-driven tavern, and a blacksmith shop. The inclusion of a red-light district in the town’s layout is a bold move, representing a historically accurate yet often overlooked aspect of the region’s past.

Tutucan town Colombia  Antioquia
Houses of Tutucan Town – Credit: Alejandro Giatsidakis / ColombiaOne

Tutucan goes beyond being a mere replica; it functions as a living museum. The town is populated by characters representing typical residents of a 1930s Antioquian town, from the mayor and his wife to the local priest and farmers. These characters engage in daily activities, providing visitors with an immersive experience. The town also features a church, modeled after a chapel from southwest Antioquia, which hosts daily masses and has been a venue for numerous weddings.

Educational value of Tutucan Town and future developments

Future developments include the addition of a creek that will run through the town, bordered by native plants. This feature is not just for aesthetic appeal but also serves educational purposes, demonstrating the typical geographical features of the region. Tutucan is envisioned as a center for both tourism and education, offering insights into the traditional Colombian lifestyle.

Tutucan town Colombia  Antioquia
Local events at Tutucan Town – Credit: Alejandro Giatsidakis / ColombiaOne

Visitors to Tutucan can indulge in traditional Colombian cuisine, with local delicacies like panela bonbons with coconut and Antioquian blood sausage. The town also hosts cultural events and performances, especially on weekends, providing a platform for local artists and musicians. These events are not just for entertainment; they are integral to the educational experience, offering insights into the region’s folk music and dance traditions.

Tutucan town Colombia stands as a crucial initiative in preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the Antioquia region. By offering a tangible experience of the past, it enables both Colombians and international visitors to connect with the country’s history. As a blend of education, culture, and tourism, Tutucan serves as a unique model for heritage preservation in Colombia.

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