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Colombian Students Win International Robotics Championship; Beating China


Choco students
Choco students win international robotics championship. Credit: Facebook/Team Robotics del Pacífico

Students from Choco won the international robotics championship held in Mexico from August 9th to 11th. The Colombian youths, aged between 12 and 16, secured the top three positions in the youth and junior categories of the RoboRave International Championship.

“Today our team made history. We managed to become world champions of the 2023 RoboRave Championship in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico,” wrote a team member on their social media. It was the culmination of joy after a competitive contest with the Chinese team, and pride for the achievements gained in the championship.

Winning the Final Against China

The students from Choco emerged victorious in the final against a powerhouse in the field, China. They won thanks to a prototype of a 3D-printed wooden robot from the region. The android flawlessly moved ping pong balls in record time. The RoboRave tournament is one of the most prestigious technological events worldwide.

“We believed we would win and thanks to God, we achieved it. For the first time in history, Choco wins an international educational robotics competition,” said Kevin Yurbaki, the teacher and leader of the winning young robotics team.

Choco students
The Colombian and Chinese teams played the final that ended with victory for Colombia – Credit: Facebook/Team Robotics del Pacífico

A Collective Triumph

Choco is one of the poorest departments in Colombia. It’s often in the media due to problems and lack of attention from the state. Today, it’s making news for stories of overcoming adversity. Like that of these students, who are paving the way for so many young people striving to succeed in unfavorable circumstances.

“We thank our super parents who have been with us all the time and thanks to them, this great dream came true,” the champions wrote, expressing gratitude for their parents’ persistence. They also mentioned the Rentic Technical Institute, the “godparents” of the Chocó young talents who were crowned in Mexico.

Choco students
The Colombian proposal was the favorite in the tournament. Credit: Facebook/Team Robotics del Pacífico

A Prize for Talent and Tenacity

Amid the spontaneous displays of emotion over their victory, the students confessed that they even resorted to “selling lechona” (a traditional Colombian dish) so that they could afford to take part in the Mexican tournament. They organized events and sold portions of lechona for 12,000 pesos.

“If you ever think of giving up, remember that a bunch of crazy folk from Choco, without any help, making lechonas and holding raffles, defeated the greatest in the world. Just set your goals and don’t stop,” said Professor Yurbaki, his voice filled with emotion.

As we see, the obvious lack of resources did not deter their enthusiasm. Thanks to determination and tenacity, this group of young people from Choco can proudly say they are world champions.

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