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Shocking Revelations: Torture Allegations in Colombia’s ‘False Positives’ Case


Expanding the probe's horizons: Landmark hearing calls for torture charges. Attorney General takes a stand.
Expanding the probe’s horizons: Landmark hearing calls for torture charges. Credit: Wikimedia Commons / (CC BY-SA 4.0)

In a startling revelation, the Attorney General’s Office has unveiled a trove of information that strongly implicates the Administrative Department of Security (DAS) in a series of heinous crimes spanning several regions in Colombia. The gravity of these allegations has sent shockwaves through the nation, as evidence emerges linking the DAS to a web of killings and disappearances that have plagued Arauca, Tolima, La Guajira, and Caqueta, while demanding a rigorous process of expanding the probe’s horizons. These disturbing revelations have ignited a fierce demand for justice and accountability, casting a dark cloud over the once-powerful security agency.

Torture Allegations in ‘False Positives’ Probe

During a pivotal hearing convened at the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office thrust the issue of torture into the spotlight within the context of the notorious ‘False Positives‘ probe. In a groundbreaking move, the Attorney General’s Office called for the inclusion of torture as a criminal offense in the comprehensive macro-case 03. This overarching investigation delves into the deeply troubling phenomenon of killings and forced disappearances that were deceptively portrayed as legitimate combat casualties, commonly referred to as ‘false positives.’

Deputy Prosecutor Unveils Disturbing Findings

In a momentous and emotionally charged session held in Casanare, Deputy Prosecutor Jairo Acosta Aristizábal, empowered to intervene in proceedings before the JEP, presented a harrowing account of his findings. With unwavering determination, he highlighted over 15 specific cases, each with names and faces, laying bare the heart-wrenching reality that the victims of these “false positives” had endured physical and emotional torment prior to their tragic fates. The evidence he presented left no room for doubt—torture had been inflicted, and it was a chilling component of these atrocities.

Demands for Transparency and Justice

In response to these spine-chilling revelations, Deputy Prosecutor Jairo Acosta Aristizábal did not mince words. He emphatically called upon the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) to conduct an unrelenting and uncompromising inquiry into the allegations. The demand for transparency and justice echoed loudly in the hallowed chambers of the JEP, as the official implored the peace tribunal magistrates to rigorously scrutinize the evidence and ensure that those responsible for these horrific crimes face the full force of the law.

Expanding DAS Investigation Scope

With mounting evidence of the now-defunct DAS’s collusion with the military, the Deputy Prosecutor asserted that the scope of the investigation must broaden its focus. In a quest for truth and accountability, he pressed the JEP to meticulously dissect the role and functioning of the once-powerful security department in relation to the well-documented executions. The urgency of this expanded investigation cannot be overstated, as it seeks to unearth the extent of the DAS’s involvement in a wave of killings and disappearances that have scarred Arauca, Tolima, La Guajira, and Caquetá.

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