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Hamas Attack on Israel: Colombian Couple Missing


Colombian Couple Missing
Colombian couple missing in Israel – Credit: @ivonne_rubio24 / Instagram

A Colombian couple is missing in Israel following the attacks by Hamas from the Gaza Strip on Israeli territory. The young couple, Ivonne Rubio and Antonio Mesias Montaño, were attending the Supernova electronic music festival, which took place on Saturday, October 7th, in the southern region of Israel.

Their relatives are living with anxiety due to the lack of information about their whereabouts and health status. The images of Hamas’s attacks and the Israeli military’s counterattack only intensify concerns in the face of the terrible displays of violence, witnessed by the world through the media and the social networks of some of the event’s attendees.

According to the Zaka rescue agency, at least 260 people who attended the festival died as victims of Palestinian attacks. Around 50 individuals in vans entered the venue and indiscriminately opened fire on attendees. The conflict, as described by the Israeli Prime Minister, is currently resulting in 700 deaths on the Israeli side and 370 more on the Palestinian side. The number of wounded approaches 5,000 in total on both sides.

Supernova, the Scene of Horror

The Supernova electronic music festival, which coincided with the holiday of Sukkot, took place in Negev, a desert region in southern Israel. The event was directly targeted by Hamas militants as part of the Palestinian aggression against Israeli civilians. Some media outlets are already referring to the “Sukkot War” to describe what is happening in Israel, the most serious confrontations in the last 50 years.

Although the 260 bodies recovered in Negev have not yet been identified, no Colombians have been reported among the deceased so far. The search for the Colombian couple continues, driven by their family and the Colombian community in Israel.

To aid in the search, a Facebook group has reported the disappearance of the two young Colombians. The post on the social network states, “They are the children of friends from our Colombian community, and they are missing. They were at the Nova Party held in Negev.”

An aunt of one of the missing individuals explained in an interview with Blu Radio in Colombia, “At 6:30 in the morning on Saturday, my sister contacted my nephew. He told us that they were looking for a safe place to take refuge. They were with a friend, and he has already been found.”

The friend, who has been located and is safe, has been unable to provide information about the Colombians because he is in a state of shock after the experience.

81 Tourists Seek Assistance from Consular Authorities

The relatives in Colombia have also stated, “The authorities already have all the information about them, the hospitals, and places to go to see the bodies and verify if they did indeed pass away.” The Colombian diplomatic corps is already working with Israeli authorities to locate the youngs.

Colombian authorities have stated that, as of now, they have no information about the death of any compatriots. However, the Colombian consulate in Tel Aviv has received requests from 81 tourists who were in Israel, mainly in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Tel Aviv.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that “all mechanisms for assisting and helping compatriots in the consular sections of the embassies in Israel and Egypt are activated.”

The ministry added that another Colombian citizen is also missing.

Colombia Condemns Actions Against Civilians and Calls for Dialogue

In a public statement, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an urgent call to “resume dialogue between Israel and Palestine to initiate a peace process leading to peaceful coexistence within mutually and internationally recognized secure borders.”

The statement also “strongly condemns the harm to civilians” and expresses “solidarity with the victims and their families, while calling for an end to violence and provocations.”

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