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Colombia Regional Election Results: Winners of Major Cities and Departments


Colombia election results
Colombia regional elections: A handful of candidates ran in the local elections in the city of Santa Marta, the oldest city in Colombia. Credit: A.P. / Colombia One

Colombia held its regional elections on Sunday. The latest official election results projecting the election winners for mayors and governors of major Colombian cities and departments are as follows:

Colombia local elections results: The new mayors

Bogota local election results

Carlos Fernando Galan has won the local elections in Bogota, and will be the next mayor of the Colombian capital. With more than 40% of the votes, Galan wins Bogota from the first round. The New Liberalism party candidate has outperformed his main competitors: Juan Daniel Oviedo, who came in second with 20% of the votes, and Gustavo Bolivar, the left-wing candidate, who fought for the second spot until the end, ultimately finished in third place with 19% of the votes cast. Full story.

Medellin local election results

Federico Gutierrez medellin mayor
Federico Gutierrez will be Medellin mayor for a third time after receiving 73% of the votes in the local election. Credit: Federico Gutierrez / X

Federico Gutierrez has won the elections in Medellín, Colombia. With more than 73% of the votes, the former presidential candidate has swept the capital of Antioquia. In second position was the continuity candidate Juan Carlos Upegui, with barely 10% of the votes. Upegui’s defeat is also that of the former mayor until a few days ago, Daniel Quintero, who resigned from office to be able to support Upegui. Gutierrez is a former two-term mayor of Medellin and was also a candidate in the last presidential elections. Full story.

Cali local election results

Alejandro Eder has won the elections in Cali and will be the new mayor of the capital of the Valle del Cauca department in Colombia, starting in 2024. The third most populous city in the country was perhaps where the regional elections presented the most uncertainties. Full story.

Barranquilla local election results

Alejandro (Alex) Char of the “Radical Change Party” has been elected the new mayor of Barranquilla. Full story.

Santa Marta local election results

The narrow victory of Jorge Luis Agudelo in Santa Marta, Magdalena, kept citizens and electoral authorities on edge during a long night of vote counting in the capital of Magdalena. Full story.

Bucaramanga local election results

Jaime Andres Beltran, who many call “the Bukele of Bucaramanga” – reffering to his harsh stance on crime, has won the local election and will be the next mayor of the capital of Santander.

Colombia regional election results: The new governors

The results showcased a mix of political dynamics, with some regions reaffirming their allegiance to traditional parties, while others opted for change.

Elvia Milena Cesar Governor
Elvia Milena was elected governor of the Cesar Department in Colombia. Photo: A.P / Colombia One

Winners for Governors in Colombia (2024-2028)

  • Cundinamarca: Jorge Emilio Rey
  • Antioquia: Julián Rendón
  • Valle del Cauca: Dilian Francisca Toro
  • Atántico: Eduardo Verano de La Rosa
  • Santander: Juvenal Díaz
  • Bolívar: Yamil Hernando Arana Padauí
  • Nariño: Luis Alfonso Esobar
  • Meta: Rafaela Cortés
  • Tolima: Adriana Magali Vargas
  • Boyacá: Carlos Amaya
  • Caldas: Henry Gutiérrez
  • Huila: Rodrigo Villalba Mosquera
  • La Guajira: Jairo Alfonso Aguilar

Winners for Mayors in Colombia (2024-2028)

Regional elections in Santa Ana Colombia
Residents of Santa Ana, a town in the Magdalena Department of Colombia, gather outside a local school to vote in the elections. Credit: Luis Ospino / Colombia One
  • Bogotá: Carlos Fernando Galán
  • Medellín: Federico Gutiérrez
  • Cali: Alejandro Eder
  • Barranquilla: Alejandro Char
  • Bucaramanga: Jaime Beltrán
  • Cartagena: Dumek Turbay
  • Manizales: Jorge Eduardo Rojas
  • Santa Marta: Jorge Luis Agudelo
  • Pereira: Mauricio Salazar Peláez
  • Villavicencio: Alexander Baquero
  • Ibagué: Johana Aranda
  • Pasto: Nicolás Toro

A full list of all smaller cities and detailed results of local elections in Colombia can be found at the Colombian government’s official election results website.

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