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Mikhail Krasnov: Russian Mayor of Tunja, Colombia Has to Prove He Is Not a Hologram


Mikhail Krasnov Russian mayor of Tunja
Mikhail Krasnov, the Russian who has been elected the new mayor of Tunja, Colombia – Photo: @ElRusoalcalde / X

In a plot twist worthy of science fiction, Mikhail Krasnov, a Russian professor recently elected as the mayor of Tunja, Colombia found himself in the peculiar situation of having to prove his existence before the local notary to refute the absurd claim that he is a hologram with an implanted chip.

Proving that he is not a hologram

The strange story unfolded when Krasnov, also known as “the Russian mayor,” revealed that he filed a tutelage action to validate his identity, as there were claims circulating that he was not a real person but an advanced hologram with implant technology. This bizarre episode generated astonishment and laughter on social media, with comments joking about the peculiarity of living in Russia and missing out on such news.

In an attempt to put an end to these wild rumors, the Russian mayor shared a video showing the process he underwent before the notary. The video aimed to debunk conspiracy theories and confirm his authenticity as a tangible person, not a futuristic hologram.

“It’s difficult to work for Tunja if every day I have to introduce myself to entities to verify, for example, that I am not a hologram,” expressed Krasnov, highlighting the absurdity of having to prove his existence in this way. “I am fully committed to working hard to make Tunja a prestigious and developed city, but the time spent responding to these types of demands should be addressing and solving the multiple needs of Tunja’s residents,” he added, demonstrating frustration with these baseless accusations.

The notarial procedure confirmed Krasnov’s authenticity and dismissed the conspiracy theories that sought to discredit the Russian mayor. However, this would not be the only legal challenge he would face.

New demand

In a new complication, it was revealed that a lawsuit was filed by a lawyer, Juan Sebastian Ramirez, who argues that Krasnov, elected by nearly 30 thousand citizens, would have entered into a contract within a disqualifying period. The lawsuit alleges that Krasnov signed a service contract with the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia (UPTC) while he was still disqualified from doing so.

This new legal obstacle adds more drama to Krasnov’s mandate, which seeks to establish himself as the mayor of Tunja. The lawsuit will be considered by a judge, who will assess its merit. Despite these challenges, Krasnov received official accreditation from the National Registry and the National Electoral Council (CNE) on November 10, establishing his position as the legitimate mayor elected by the people of Tunja.

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