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Colombian Actress Sofia Vergara Harassed by Stalker


Sofia Vergara Colombian actress
Actress Sofia Vergara faces a terrifying ordeal with stalker Gregory Brown, leading to a court-issued restraining order credit: AP / Colombia One

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, famed for her role in “Modern Family,” has been granted a temporary restraining order against Gregory Aaron Brown, who allegedly believes he has a “romantic and familial relationship” with her and her son. Vergara’s ordeal with Brown includes his repeated trespassing near her home. In a notable incident in July, Brown reportedly bypassed security by hiking through hills and confronted Vergara, claiming she “is mine.”

Disturbing Developments

In court documents, Vergara detailed an increasingly alarming pattern of behavior from Brown. This includes a “disturbing letter” sent in November, where Brown expressed his intent to find and be with her soon. Vergara described the stalking as “extremely distressing,” causing her constant anxiety and emotional distress. She fears for her personal safety and those around her, as Brown’s conduct has become “extremely frightening.”

The restraining order characterizes Brown as a “mentally unstable stalker” with a long-time fixation on Vergara. He delusionally believes he personally knows her and has a relationship with her and her son, which is not the case. The documents emphasize Brown’s compulsive stalking and credible threat of violence, posing imminent danger to Vergara. The order requires Brown to maintain a distance and prohibits any contact, aiming to safeguard Vergara and her family.

This situation highlights the severe impact of stalking on public figures. The legal measures taken by Vergara reflect the necessity of protecting individuals from such invasive and potentially dangerous behaviors. The case underscores the importance of legal intervention in ensuring the safety and well-being of those subjected to such harassment.

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