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Colombia Imports Down by 12.3%


Colombian imports in October showed a significant change
Colombian imports in October showed a significant change. credit: pxhere

Colombia’s imports in October showed a significant shift, with a total value of US$5,375.7 million, a decrease of 12.3% compared to the same month in 2022. This change was largely due to a 14.9% reduction in manufactured goods, indicating a shift in the country’s import patterns.

The report also detailed a downturn in the agricultural sector. Imports in the category of agricultural products, food, and beverages were recorded at US$735 million, marking a 20.9% decrease. This sector is crucial for Colombia’s domestic market and the reduction could have implications for the local economy.

In contrast, Colombia’s fuel imports, essential for its energy sector, increased by 21.4%, amounting to US$763.2 million. This rise contrasts with the overall downward trend in other sectors and highlights the dynamic nature of Colombia’s import economy.

From January to October, Colombia’s cumulative imports were valued at US$52,374.2 million, showing a 20.1% decrease from the same period in 2022. The manufacturing sector experienced a 21.1% decrease, amounting to US$38,239.1 million. Meanwhile, imports in the agricultural, food, and beverage category reached US$8,040.2 million, a 16% reduction. The fuel and extractive industries sector saw a decrease of 18.1%, with imports totaling US$6,038.4 million.

Trade Deficit and Economic Outlook

The trade balance for Colombia reflected a deficit of US$960.2 million in October, a decrease from the US$1,474.7 million deficit in October 2022. The year-to-date deficit stood at US$8,598.3 million, lower than the previous year’s US$12,672.9 million. These figures are critical for understanding Colombia’s economic position and planning future trade strategies.

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