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Colombian Grandmother Could be World’s Oldest Person at 122


Doña María Antonia, a Colombian who at 122 years old, could become the oldest person in the world
Doña Maria Antonia, a Colombian who at 122 years old, could become the oldest person in the world-credit: Captura de pantalla tomada de Coosalud

Maria Antonia Cuero, a Colombian citizen aged 122, is on the cusp of becoming the world’s oldest living person, a title that would bring significant recognition to her and her home country of Colombia. This potential record follows the passing of Maria Branyas Morera of Spain, who was 116. Cuero’s extraordinary age has sparked international interest, particularly regarding her lifestyle and health practices.

Born on October 18, 1901, in a small Colombian town, Cuero has witnessed over a century of history, including major global and local events. Despite the transformations around her, Cuero has maintained a simple yet disciplined lifestyle, to which she credits her longevity.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, she has consistently prioritized her health, attending regular check-ups and following medical advice diligently. This proactive approach to health care, particularly rare among those of her advanced age, has been a crucial factor in her extended lifespan. Her commitment has not only kept her in good health but also made her a subject of study among gerontologists and longevity researchers.

In a world where longevity has become increasingly fascinating, Maria Antonia Cuero emerges as a living example of resilience and personal care. Her pursuit of the world record is a testament to the diversity and cultural richness of longevity worldwide.

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