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Colombian Coffee in Space: A NASA Astronaut’s Breakfast Choice


NASA astronaut breakfast Colombian coffee
Salvadoran astronaut Frank Rubio shows that, among the breakfast options, the crew of the International Space Station have Colombian coffee. Credit: NASA, public domain

Colombian Coffee is in space for the first time, NASA astronaut Frank Rubio, recently selected Colombian coffee for his breakfast aboard the International Space Station (ISS). NASA’s video featuring Rubio demonstrates the process of preparing a space breakfast, with a focus on various coffee types, including the distinctively strong and dark Colombian blend.

Breakfast in Zero Gravity: A NASA Astronaut’s Coffee Selection

The video offers insight into the unique challenges NASA astronauts face in space, especially concerning food and beverage choices. Rubio, starting his day with Colombian coffee for his breakfasts, highlights the variety available, with Colombian coffee being a prominent choice. The astronaut also introduces other options such as Kona coffee, vanilla latte, and cappuccino, all available with cream and sugar.

Space Nutrition: Rehydrating Colombian coffee on the ISS

A significant aspect of space life, as shown in the video, is adapting to environmental constraints. Due to the weight limitations for transporting water to space, all consumables, including coffee, are sent in dehydrated form. The ISS uses a Potable Water Dispenser (PWD) to rehydrate meals, ingeniously recycling water from the crew’s urine into potable water.

Colombian Coffee’s Space Debut

The inclusion of Colombian coffee used by NASA astronauts on the ISS was highlighted by Germán Bahamón, President of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, in a social media post. Bahamón’s announcement emphasized the international recognition and high quality of Colombian coffee.

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