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The Most Valuable Banknote in Colombia’s History Valued at $76K


Most expensive Colombian bill
First 500 peso bill worth up to three hundred million (he highest value Colombian banknote in history). Credit: Asociacion Numismatica Granadina

In a recent development in Colombia’s monetary history, social media has taken note of the high value of an old Colombian banknote. While a well-preserved note is known to be valued at up to 9 million pesos, a lesser-known bill has now been identified with a value of 300 million pesos, making it one of the most valuable Colombian banknotes to date.

In 1923, coinciding with the establishment of the Central Bank, a series of banknotes emerged in Colombia, marking the nation’s inaugural paper currency. Among them was the 500-peso bill, equivalent to 768 grams of gold. Distinguished by its green hue, the note featured a portrait of Bolivar on the front and the Central Bank on the side.

The priciest note in Colombian history

This initial design underwent a later transformation, adopting a distinctive brown color to differentiate it from its predecessors. Historical records suggest that approximately 6,000 of these brown notes were printed, and today, only four individuals are known to possess this historical relic. However, nobody knows how many may still exist across the nation.

Collector Alfonso Ujueta publicly announced a staggering offer of 300 million pesos for this version of the 500-peso banknotes, provided they are in optimal condition. Ujueta emphasized the historical significance, stating, “This is one of the most prized gems for collectors. This specimen marked the beginning of the national production of banknotes by the Central Bank of Colombia.”

The nine-million peso bill

In the past, auctions have witnessed the exchange of significant sums for antique banknotes. Colombia records only two instances of the original 500-peso bill being auctioned, with one such note fetching 68 million pesos in 2007. Presently, collectors express willingness to pay up to 180 million pesos for this rare banknote. Additionally, the 10-peso bills from the late 1960s, featuring an ‘R’ in their serial numbers, are valued between 2.5 million to 9 million pesos.

The 1963 10-peso bill showcases artistic designs reflecting Colombian culture and history from that era, adding to its allure for collectors. The note, featuring Antonio Nariño with the Andean condor on the front and the San Agustin Archaeological Park on the back, is priced between 2.5 million to 9 million pesos, as explained by collector enthusiast Ludin Arellano in a TikTok video.

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