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Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk Makes Surprise Visit to Colombia


Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk’s trip to Colombia highlights the nation’s growing influence in the sport and inspires local talent. Credit: Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 2.0

Tony Hawk, the celebrated skateboarding icon, recently visited Colombia, generating excitement among sports enthusiasts and the skateboarding community. Hawk’s unexpected trip highlights Colombia’s growing prominence in the international skateboarding scene.

Hawk, born on May 12, 1968, in San Diego, California, has been a pivotal figure in the evolution of skateboarding from a niche hobby to a globally celebrated sport. His career, decorated with numerous accolades, includes being the first skateboarder to land a 900, a feat that remains iconic in the world of extreme sports. Beyond his competitive successes, Hawk has played a crucial role in popularizing skateboarding through video games, shows, and philanthropy, notably through the Tony Hawk Foundation, which helps to build skate parks in underprivileged areas.

Engagement with Colombia’s skateboarding community

During his visit, Hawk engaged with the local skateboarding community, sharing insights and experiences that resonate well beyond the ramps and skate parks. This interaction is crucial for Colombia’s skateboarding scene, as it not only boosts morale but also provides invaluable exposure to global skateboarding culture and practices. Hawk’s active participation in local skateboarding activities showcases the potential for future collaborations and events, further integrating Colombia into the worldwide skateboarding community.

Tony, accompanied by his son Riley, embarked on his first visit to Colombia to seek treatment at BioXcellerator, a clinic renowned for its cutting-edge therapies for joint and neck injuries. Both father and son, having sustained these injuries throughout their skateboarding careers, were hopeful about the potential benefits of the treatments. Hawk expressed optimism, referencing friends who had reported noticeable improvements following their treatments at the clinic.

During their stay, Tony Hawk also took the opportunity to explore the local skateboarding scene. He joined a skatepark tour with Colombian skateboarding legend David Gonzalez. Hawk humorously recounted an instance where a local kid referred to Gonzalez as “DaVincio” during their skate session, a nickname Hawk found apt given Gonzalez’s skill. Unfortunately, Riley could not participate in the skateboarding activities due to a recent shoulder surgery.

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