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Colombia and Germany are Working on an Agreement on Migration Flows


Colombia and Germany are working on Agreement to Facilitate Migration between the two countries
Colombia and Germany enhance migration management, aiming for a Comprehensive Agreement on Migration and Mobility. Credit: Jonathan Gross

Colombia and Germany are moving forward with strengthened collaboration in the management of migration flows, following the visit of Joachim Stamp, the German Special Commissioner for Migration Agreements, from February 21 to 23, 2024.

In the wake of this visit, both countries have declared their intention to cooperate further on issues related to migration, repatriation and mobility. This partnership is expected to result in a Comprehensive Agreement on Migration and Mobility.

In recent years, as Germany has emerged as a new destination for Colombian emigrants, particularly students and graduates, the two countries are seeking to regulate the migration flows to ensure their legality, safety and orderly management.

Towards an agreement on migration and mobility

Discussions involving the German delegation, comprising representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and the Ministry of Interior, alongside Colombian officials headed by Francisco Coy, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, culminated in the creation of a bilateral working group.

The newly formed group is tasked with assessing the implementation of a Migration and Mobility Agreement between Colombia and Germany, as well as strengthening cooperation in the fight against illegal migration and the exploitation of migrants by criminal networks.

Colombian immigration to Germany

The migration of Colombians to Germany is characterized by the high educational level of its individuals, who quickly integrate into the German labor market. According to the German Foreign Office, over 22 600 Colombians are living in Germany, including approximately 3,700 students.

The Colombian population in Germany has seen significant growth in recent years, as highlighted by the 308.8 percent rise in the employment of Colombians in Germany from 2012 and 2022.

This workforce is, in fact, greatly needed by Germany. As its population undergoes a massive demographic decline, the German State is relying on legal and qualified immigration to stabilize its demographic balance in the long term.

As such, in August 2023, Joachim Stamp declared Germany’s intention to attract more Colombian skilled workers in the coming years. In this context, an Agreement on Migration and Mobility is viewed as a means to facilitate this process, notably by reducing asylum demands in favor of working visas.

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