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Colombia’s First Fully-Crafted Action Figures


Colombia Action Figures
Colombia debuts its first fully-crafted action figures, FIST. Its creator offers groundbreaking insights in an interview with ColombiaOne. Credit: Courtesy FIST

Colombia has taken a step forward in its creative landscape with the introduction of the country’s first fully crafted action figures. The brand, known as FIST, made its official debut at the Bogota International Book Fair, running from April 17 to May 2nd. In an interview with ColombiaOne, the creator of FIST, Esteban Cifuentes, shared insights into this groundbreaking initiative, positioning Colombia at the forefront of the comic and design industry.

The inception of the project dates back two years when Esteban was immersed in designing toys and action figures for American and European brands. Faced with the challenges of working with Chinese factories—ranging from production timelines to intellectual property issues—Esteban suggested collaborating with a high-quality Colombian factory to foreign companies, but an agreement was not reached.

Colombia’s 32-Point Articulated Action Figures

This is where the idea of creating a purely Colombian product in collaboration with the factory IPimaginarte was born. Esteban elaborated: “We decided to collaborate with a local toy factory to develop our own action figures, something unique, entirely Colombian. This partnership afforded me the creative freedom to conceive the characters, storyline, and sculptures that form the foundation of FIST.”

Colombia Action Figures
Mad Dog by FIST Action Figures Credit: Courtesy FIST

Distinguished by their exceptional quality and innovation, each FIST action figure boasts 32 points of articulation, offering precise flexibility and realism. These meticulously crafted creations encapsulate the dichotomy between two comic book factions—the Orcs and the humans—engaged in a perpetual conflict within a dystopian universe. As Esteban describes: “FIST is set in a post-apocalyptic world following the aftermath of the third world war. Humanity, weakened and vulnerable, succumbs to the invasion of the Orcs. However, pockets of resistance emerge, giving rise to the FIST movement.”

FIST: Action Figures and Comic Strips

Complementing the action figures is a captivating comic strip that immerses readers in the intertwined missions of Orcs and humans. With nuanced storytelling devoid of clear distinctions between heroes and villains, readers explore universal themes of loyalty and humanity. FIST currently offers four character designs, but its creator revealed to ColombiaOne that they have eight figures expected to be released within this year, and conceptual sketches for an additional 12 characters are in development, signaling FIST’s ambitious expansion.

Colombia Action Figures
Digital Sketch of Doom Sinner by FIST Action Figures Credit: Courtesy FIST

Drawing inspiration from iconic films of the 80s and 90s such as “Small Soldiers” and “Starship Troopers,” Esteban Cifuentes transformed his childhood aspirations into reality. The toy designer has already participated as a panelist at Comic-Con in San Diego and, while preparing to participate again in this year’s edition, he remains committed to elevating FIST’s presence on the global stage.

FIST, with its commitment to narrative expansion, is poised for global market growth. Its creator elaborates on the venture’s international outlook: “We’ve already secured distribution in the United States and Canada, and discussions with European distributors are underway. Moreover, we’re actively pursuing expanded distribution in Colombia, although gaining trust from major platforms for national products has proven challenging.

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