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Ex-Husband of Colombian Woman Missing in Spain Arrested


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Colombian Ana Maria Henao vanished in Spain; three months later, her ex-husband David Knezevich was arrested upon arrival in Miami. Credit: Sharon Hahn Darlin, CC BY 2.0 DEED/Flickr

Colombian woman Ana Maria Henao went missing in Spain in February of this year. Three months later, on May 6, her ex-husband, David Knezevich, was arrested in Miami after authorities gathered evidence linking him to her disappearance.

The capture of the American citizen of Serbian origin was a collaboration of the FBI, the Colombian National Police, and the Interior Attache of Belgrade. Authorities intercepted Knezevich as he disembarked from a flight at Miami International Airport, originating from Serbia.

Among the evidence outlined in court documents obtained by the US outlet ‘WPLG Local 10 News’ are videos showing the man purchasing spray paint and adhesive tape in a commercial establishment. Subsequently, the images depict the man painting over the lenses of security cameras outside Henao’s apartment and placing adhesive tape on the building’s entry lock.

Furthermore, the judicial report describes conversations with a woman just after Henao disappeared. “I have a writer friend and in his latest book, there is a Colombian character. Would you be able to translate his phrases into perfect Colombian?” he wrote.

Knezevich requested her to translate text from English to Spanish. The woman, who learned from the news about the disappearance, noticed that the messages she had translated were identical to the ones received by Henao’s friends. Additionally, there are calls in which allegedly the Serbian sought to cancel policies and open a bank account, pretending to be Henao.

Timeline of events of Colombian woman’s disappearance

In January of 2023, Henao initiated divorce proceedings with her husband. Both were owners of the company EOX Technology Solutions, which provides IT support in southern Florida. Due to marital problems, last December she decided to settle in Madrid, where she had friends and planned to start new businesses.

According to relatives, after ending the 13-year partnership, Henao proposed to her husband an equitable distribution of their assets. An offer that allegedly angered Knezevich, who demanded at least 75 percent of them.

The Colombian woman was living alone in an apartment in the Salamanca neighborhood, on Francisco Silvela Street. On Friday, February 2, the woman, who had visited another apartment with a view to moving, spoke on the phone with a friend saying that she had no plans to leave her apartment that night.

That was the last communication from the businesswoman before her disappearance. The following day, messages were sent from the woman’s mobile phone to two of her friends, stating that she had met someone and was going on a trip to a summer house located two hours from Madrid. Additionally, the text messages mentioned an anticipated lack of mobile network coverage.

American citizen involved in Colombian woman’s disappearance

The family decided to report her disappearance on February 12, nine days after her last communication. Spanish authorities visited the apartment but she was not there, there were no signs of violence and her belongings remained intact. However, reports surfaced that on the day she vanished, the security cameras were tampered with using aerosol, and her cell phone was nowhere to be found.

Despite attempts of the family to reach her ex-partner, who claimed to have no knowledge of her whereabouts and was reportedly in the United States, questions remain unanswered. Knezevich, who initially declined to take a polygraph test, is now under close scrutiny as authorities focus on unraveling the mystery behind the disappearance of the 40-year-old Colombian woman.

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