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The Political Landscape of Colombia: An Overview of the Main Political Parties


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Major political parties in Colombia. Credit: Collage/Co1ombia

Colombia has a dynamic political landscape characterized by a variety of political parties and ideologies. These parties play a crucial role in shaping the country’s governance, policies, and direction.

Main Political Parties of Colombia

As with any diverse democracy, political parties play a critical role in representing different ideologies and interests, ultimately contributing to the democratic process and governance of the nation. Understanding the dynamics of these parties is essential to grasping the complexities of Colombian politics and the various forces that shape the country’s future.

Partido Liberal Colombiano (Colombian Liberal Party)

Founded in 1848, the Colombian Liberal Party is one of the oldest and most influential political parties in the country. It has historically advocated for social reforms, individual liberties, and progressive economic policies. Over the years, the Partido liberal has produced several presidents and played a key role in shaping Colombia’s political history. It is generally considered a center-left party and has a significant presence in both urban and rural areas.

Centro Democrático (Democratic Center)

Established in 2013, the Centro Democratico is a relatively new party but has quickly risen to prominence under the leadership of former President Álvaro Uribe. It is a right-wing party known for its conservative and nationalist stances on issues such as national security, law and order, and economic policies. The party has a strong base of support among more conservative and rural populations.

Partido de la U (Social Party of National Unity)

The Social Party of National Unity, commonly referred to as “La U,” was founded in 2005 by former President Juan Manuel Santos. It is a center-right party that advocates for social welfare programs, economic development, and peacebuilding initiatives. The party has been instrumental in supporting peace negotiations with revolutionary armed groups and has a considerable presence in various regions of the country.

Partido Conservador Colombiano (Conservative Party )

With roots dating back to the mid-19th century, the Partido Conservador is one of Colombia’s oldest political parties. It is known for its conservative values, support for traditional family structures, and emphasis on national unity. Historically, the Partido Conservador has been a significant player in Colombian politics, and it continues to have a presence in various regions, particularly in rural areas.

Partido Verde (Green Party)

Founded in 2005, the Partido Verd is relatively young compared to other traditional parties in Colombia. It focuses on environmental issues, sustainable development, and social justice. The party has gained popularity among younger voters and urban populations who prioritize environmental concerns and progressive social policies.

Polo Democrático Alternativo (Alternative Democratic Pole)

The Alternative Democratic Pole is a left-wing political party that emerged in 2005 as a coalition of various progressive groups and movements. It advocates for social justice, labor rights, and comprehensive peace initiatives. The party has a strong presence among trade unions, social activists, and marginalized communities.

Cambio Radical

Cambio Radical, founded in 1998, is a centrist political party that positions itself as a bridge between the left and the right. It emphasizes economic development, infrastructure projects, and job creation. The party has been part of various coalition governments and holds influence in certain regions, particularly in departments with a focus on development and progress.

Colombia Humana

Colombia Humana is a left-leaning political party founded by the president Gustavo Petro. It represents progressive policies, social welfare, and income redistribution. Gustavo Petro ran for president in both 2018 and 2022 as the candidate of Colombia Humana. The party’s platform focuses on reducing inequality, promoting education and healthcare, and implementing environmentally sustainable policies.

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