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Colombia’s University Surge: A Spotlight on Latin America’s Best


Colombia THE Rankings Latin America University Academic Excellence
The University Icesi of Cali is ranked as the best in Colombia in a recent ranking by Times Higher Education. Credit: Maria Alejandra Paz/CC BY-SA 4.0

In a recent ranking by Times Higher Education (THE), Colombia has once again made its mark on the international stage for its outstanding universities. The country is now recognized as one of the nations with the most dominant institutions in Latin America, with over three dozen universities, both public and private, being highlighted.

Colombia’s Global Academic Recognition

The ranking system is divided by regions, meaning there’s a global ranking, one for the entire American continent, a specific one for Latin America, and so on for the rest of the world. For the seventh consecutive year, the University of Oxford has been named the best in the world. However, when viewed from a broader perspective, the University Icesi of Cali is ranked as the best in Colombia, followed by Universidad Javeriana and Universidad de los Andes in third place.

The landscape shifts slightly when focusing on Latin America. According to THE’s ranking, Chilean universities are on track to become the institutions with the most international projection in the Latin American region. Even though Chilean universities are increasingly geared towards the international scene, the country doesn’t dominate the overall table. It falls to third place in terms of the number of ranked institutions. Colombia surpasses it, now boasting 36 ranked institutions, up from 29 the previous year. Brazil remains the most represented nation with 65 institutions.

Top 10 Colombian Universities

In the Latin American region, the order of universities changes compared to the global ranking. Topping the list is Universidad de los Andes, followed by Universidad Nacional and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. The top 10 universities in Colombia, based on the Latin American classification, are:

  1. Universidad de Los Andes (Ranked 14th, 77.6 points)
  2. Universidad Nacional (Ranked 20th, 67.8 points)
  3. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Ranked 30th, 64.4 points)
  4. Universidad de Antioquia (Ranked 33rd, 62.6 points)
  5. Universidad ICESI (Ranked 66th, 48.4 points)
  6. Universidad del Rosario (Ranked 69th, 47 points)
  7. Universidad de la Sabana (Ranked 75th, 45.1 points)
  8. Universidad del Norte (Ranked 85th, 43 points)
  9. Universidad de Cartagena (Ranked between 101-125, scoring between 34 and 39.9 points)
  10. Universidad de la Costa (Same parameters as the previous one)

“Colombia surpasses Chile as the second most represented nation overall with 36 ranked universities, up from 29 last year. It’s followed by Chile with 32 institutions, while Mexico has 24, Ecuador has 14, and Peru has 9,” details from THE suggest.

These trends are primarily driven by countries’ performance in terms of international research collaboration. Considering universities that have been consistently ranked since 2019, Ecuador’s score in this indicator has dropped from 96.6 four years ago to 83.4 in the most recent ranking. Meanwhile, Chile has improved its position, moving from 75.7 in 2019 to 82.0 this year.

For the American audience, this news underscores the rising prominence of Colombian universities on the global stage. As the world becomes more interconnected, the significance of international collaboration in research and education cannot be overstated. Colombia’s progress in this area is a testament to its commitment to excellence in higher education and its vision for a brighter future.

Colombia’s Bright Academic Future

Colombia’s achievements in the realm of higher education are commendable. As the country continues to make strides in this sector, it sets a precedent for other nations in the region. The dedication to research, international collaboration, and academic excellence is evident, and the world is taking notice.

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