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What is the Salary of the Next Mayors and Governors of Colombia?


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Federico Gutieres and Carlos Galan, mayors of Medellin and Bogota. The salary of mayors and governors depends on the number of inhabitants and unmet basic needs of the territories. Credit: @ficogutierrez / @CarlosFGalan / X

The salaries of mayors and governors in Colombia are more than an economic perception issue, reflecting the needs and characteristics of each municipality and region. Following the regional elections, the salaries for those who will lead the cities, towns and localities are being outlined, establishing a salary structure based on the categorization of municipalities.

Salaries of Mayors and Governors

From major cities to the smallest towns, each mayor will receive a salary in line with the particularities of their locality. For instance, the mayors of Bogota and Medellin will earn around $21,497,207 pesos, as they are classified as special category cities, whereas in a sixth-category municipality, this salary reduces to $5,376,068.

These categories are divided into three groups, taking into account the size, population, and basic unmet needs of each locality. Salaries are defined in line with these factors, aiming to ensure that the mayor’s salary is proportional to the characteristics of the municipality they will lead.

Regarding governors, their salaries also follow the categorization of the regions. The amounts range from $21,497,207 in special categories to $15,069,940 in the fourth category. This salary structure aims to balance administrative responsibilities with the particularities of each region, offering fair compensation to departmental leaders.

The salaries, established in Decree 896 of 2023, represent a way to acknowledge the work of mayors and governors, while considering the demands and needs of each territory. Each of these leaders will assume their functions on January 1, 2024, with the commitment to exercise their mandate until December 31, 2027, facing the challenges and issues specific to their respective regions.

The upcoming mayors and governors take on their responsibilities knowing that their work will be rewarded based on the characteristics and needs of the communities they represent.

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