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The Cali Fair: A Burst of Joy and Rhythm in the Vallecaucan City


The Cali Fair, also called the Cane Fair, is a festival celebrated annually under this name since 1958
The Cali Fair, also called the Sugar Cane Fair, is a festival celebrated annually under this name since 1958. Credit: feriadecali.of

The city of Cali, located in the Valle del Cauca department in Colombia, comes alive each year between December 25th and 30th with the celebration of the Cali Fair, also known as the Sugar Cane Fair. This event, rooted in tradition since 1958, is a vibrant cultural expression that attracts visitors from all over the country and beyond to immerse themselves in the richness of music and dance, and the exuberance which is characteristic of this region.

History and Tradition:

The Cali Fair has its roots in the culture of Cali, known for its passion for dance and music. Since its inception in 1958, the fair has become a emblematic celebration that highlights the cultural identity of the region. Its alternative name, ‘Sugar Cane Fair’, refers to a significant crop in the local economy.

Iconic Events:

Two key events mark the peak of the Cali Fair: the Salsódromo and the Superconcert. The Salsódromo is a unique parade that winds through the city streets, where orchestras and troupes of dancers showcase the tropical rhythms, especially salsa, which are an essential part of Cali’s musical identity. On the other hand, the Superconcert brings together prominent local, national and international orchestras, creating a festive atmosphere resonating with the joyful energy of the city.

Tropical Rhythms:

The Cali Fair is a party for music and dance enthusiasts. During the events, a wide variety of tropical rhythms, from salsa and merengue to cumbia and vallenato, can be enjoyed. Participating orchestras not only represent the local music scene but also attract internationally renowned artists, turning the fair into a diverse and vibrant stage.

Local and International Participation:

The Cali Fair prides itself on being an inclusive event that welcomes both local and international artists. This cultural exchange not only enriches the fair but also strengthens bonds between different communities through music and dance.

Impact on the Economy and Tourism:

The fair is not only a cultural showcase but also an economic driver for the city. The influx of tourists during this season significantly contributes to the local economy, benefiting restaurants, hotels, shops, and more.


The Cali Fair is more than an annual event; it is the manifestation of the city’s rich cultural heritage and a testimony to the joy that emanates from its people. Through music, dance, and celebration, the fair stands as a beacon of Cali’s identity, radiating its vitality and passion to all who have the privilege of participating in this unique experience. The Cali Fair is not just an event but a cultural legacy that continues to grow and evolve with each passing year.

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