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Five Eco-Sustainable Destinations in Colombia


Colombia eco-sustainable destinations biodiversity
These five eco-sustainable destinations in Colombia provide a unique glimpse of the country’s natural richness and allow you to enjoy Colombian biodiversity in its purest form. Credit: Diego Gonzalez/pexels/Public domain

Colombia, a country of astonishing geographic diversity and biodiversity, is a destination that overflows with natural beauty, making it perfect for nature enthusiasts.

From the rainforests to the Andean paramos, Colombia offers a wealth of ecosystems that provide unique experiences. In the realm of sustainable tourism, Colombia stands out with places that escape the traditional circuit like Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena.

Five eco-sustainable destinations that allow you to enjoy nature without harming it

  1. Tayrona National Natural Park

Located in the department of Magdalena, on the Caribbean coast, Tayrona National Natural Park is a natural paradise that harbors an impressive variety of flora and fauna. Its white-sand beaches, coral reefs, mangroves, and rainforest make this destination a jewel of Colombian biodiversity. Among its attractions are:

  • Beaches: The park boasts some of Colombia’s most beautiful beaches, including Playa Brava, Playa Cristal, and Playa Cabo San Juan. Here, you can bask in the sun and sea in an unparalleled natural setting.
  • Coral Reefs: Tayrona is home to a wide variety of coral reefs, providing a habitat for a diversity of fish and other marine life. Snorkeling and diving are popular activities to explore this marine ecosystem.
  1. Caño Cristales National Natural Park

Located in the Meta department, in the Orinoquia region, Caño Cristales National Natural Park is famous for its crystal-clear red waters, which are due to the presence of an aquatic plant called Macarenia clavigera. The red waters and nature hikes are the main attractions of this park, offering a unique experience in the heart of Colombia.

Colombia eco-sustainable destinations biodiversity
Caño Cristales known as the Reiver of seven colors of Colombia. Credit: Mario Carvajal/CC BY 3.0
  1. Los Nevados National Natural Park

This park spans the departments of Boyacá, Caldas, Cundinamarca, Risaralda, and Tolima. It is the ideal destination for hiking, camping, and bird watching enthusiasts. Snow-capped peaks and glacial lakes, such as Lake Tota, Lake Ruiz, and Lake Huila, offer spectacular landscapes. This park is a window on the majesty of the Colombian Andes.

  1. Tatacoa Desert

The Tatacoa Desert, one of Colombia’s driest deserts, is known for its unique geological formations, including dunes, craters, and dry lakes. Located in Huila, this destination is a paradise for hikers and stargazers. Nights in Tatacoa offer a starry sky you will never forget.

Colombia eco-sustainable destinations biodiversity
Tatacoa Desert, the second largest arid zone in Colombia. The area is heavily eroded and crossed by dry canyons that develop transiently in the winter months. Credit: Ricardo Gonzalez Arango/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 4.0
  1. Gorgona Island

Gorgona Island, once a prison, became a national park in the 1980s. This island is a paradise for diving and snorkeling due to its stunning variety of coral reefs and marine life. In addition to its natural beauty, the island’s history adds an intriguing element to your visit: it was once home to dangerous criminals.

These five eco-sustainable destinations in Colombia provide a unique glimpse into the country’s natural richness and allow you to enjoy Colombian biodiversity in its purest form. By visiting them you can contribute to the conservation of these ecosystems and experience Colombia’s natural beauty in a sustainable way.

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