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Colombia’s Efforts to Manage Pablo Escobar’s Hippos


Pablo Escobar hippos
Future Plans for Pablo Escobar Hippos – Credit: Pixabay – ArtTower – Public Domain

The Colombian Ministry of Environment announced a plan involving air procedures to relocate hippos, originally introduced to the country by drug lord Pablo Escobar, to the Philippines. This initiative, part of Colombia’s broader strategy to manage the burgeoning hippo population, seeks to mitigate their environmental impact while ensuring animal welfare. The plan includes both surgical sterilizations and potential translocation to interested nations, with the Philippines actively working on the necessary logistics for relocation.

Philippines Expresses Interest in Hosting Hippos

Among the nations showing interest in receiving these hippos, the Philippines has emerged as a frontrunner. The Southeast Asian country is actively working on obtaining the necessary administrative certificates and estimating the costs of transporting the animals from Colombia. The Colombian government recently inquired with CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) about the feasibility of a Philippine zoo acquiring the hippos, receiving a positive response. However, the final approval from Colombia’s Ministry of Environment is still pending. This development comes after Mexico, initially interested in hosting ten hippos, did not receive approval from its environmental authorities.

Ongoing Challenges and Future Plans for Pablo Escobar Hippos

The Colombian government continues to face challenges in managing the invasive hippo population, which poses a significant threat to local ecosystems. The current focus remains on surgical sterilizations, and decisions regarding lethal control of some hippos are expected in the coming weeks. This approach is crucial for reducing the environmental impact of these animals. It’s important to note that while Colombia facilitates the transfer of hippos, it does not receive any payment or bear any costs in the process. The responsibility of the complex logistical task of moving nearly two-ton animals falls on the receiving country. This ongoing effort reflects Colombia’s commitment to addressing environmental concerns while ensuring the welfare of these unique animals.

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