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Sofia Vergara Returns to Colombia for Netflix ‘Griselda’ Series Promotion


Colombian actress Sofía Vergara plays Griselda Blanco in the new Netflix series. Credit: Instagram @netflixes and @sofiavergara

Sofía Vergara, renowned for her role in the hit comedy Modern Family, recently arrived in Colombia to promote her new Netflix series Griselda. This series, where Vergara stars as the notorious Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco, is set to premiere globally on January 25, 2024. Known as the “Black Widow” and a pivotal figure in the U.S. drug trade during the 1970s, Blanco’s life story forms the crux of this eagerly awaited Netflix production.

Global Tour for ‘Griselda’ Netflix Series by Vergara

Vergara, also a producer of Griselda, embarked on a worldwide tour, including stops in European countries including Spain and England. She engaged in various interviews, including with Spain’s El Pais and the TV show El Hormiguero, where she skillfully navigated challenging questions with her characteristic wit. Her U.S. tour included an appearance on the famous Jimmy Fallon show, where she revealed insights into the production.

Upon landing in the Colombian capital, Vergara shared her experiences of taking on her first dramatic role, acting in Spanish, and delving into the dark world of drug trafficking for six months. Netflix marked her arrival with a grand welcome sign at El Dorado International Airport, celebrating her return to Colombia. Vergara expressed her gratitude for this gesture on Instagram, where the sign read, “Sofía Vergara is beautiful, but even more so in Colombia.”

Sofia personal revelations

In her international media interactions, Vergara opened up not only about her role as Griselda but also about her personal life. She discussed the violent period Colombia experienced between the 1970s and 1990s, a time she personally lived through. “I grew up in that era, I know the business, my brother was part of it and was killed in the 90s. I felt I knew the character; I didn’t have to act because I lived it, unfortunately,” Vergara shared.

Her candid discussions extended to her personal life, including the end of her marriage. She stated, “My marriage broke because my husband was younger and wanted children, and I didn’t want to be an old mom.” Emphasizing her readiness to be a grandmother rather than a mother again, Vergara highlighted her desire for a partner who already has children, reflecting her stage in life.

Vergara’s visit to Colombia and her candid revelations offer a glimpse into the life of a star who has seamlessly transitioned from comedic roles to dramatic portrayals, all while maintaining a deep connection with her Colombian roots. As Griselda prepares to launch, audiences worldwide anticipate a compelling portrayal of one of the most infamous figures in the history of drug trafficking.

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