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Colombian Women Are the Happiest in Latin America Study Finds


Colombian women the happiest
Colombian women are the happiest in Latin America, according to a study – Credit: Cinematicguy / CC BY-SA 4.0

According to a recent study, Colombian women are the happiest in Latin America. The study titled “Study on Women: Lights and Shadows,” conducted by the company Provokers, asserts this after conducting research in the subcontinent. Traditionally, Latin America is known for the joy of its people, and it has traditionally been home to countries with some of the highest happiness indices in the world.

In this regard, the study highlights that among all the countries in the subcontinent, Colombian women have the highest happiness index, with a 78% level of personal satisfaction. Following behind are countries like Chile and Bolivia, with a 70% level of female personal satisfaction.

The study surveyed over 2,000 women in different countries. Overall, Latin American women tend to feel independent in 84% of cases, and 75% express a good level of self-esteem.

Generational Gap

Provokers’ research also highlights a generational gap in terms of women’s happiness. Despite Colombia leading the happiness list, the so-called Generation Z, meaning women born from the mid-1990s onward, show significantly lower levels of personal satisfaction compared to the continental average, not exceeding 52%. This is 26 points lower than the Colombian average.

The study also covers the sexual and emotional lives of the respondents. In this area as well, Colombian women lead the list. 64% of women in Colombia feel that they have a pleasurable and satisfying love and sex life, notably surpassing the Latin American average of 42%.

The study seems to suggest a direct relationship between a fulfilling emotional and sexual life and the overall sense of happiness.

Regarding the LGBTIQ+ Community

Although significant progress has been made in the region regarding LGBTIQ+ rights, particularly at the legislative level, with the approval of same-sex marriage and special legal protection for the community, prejudices against this community still exist and affect their daily lives.

In this regard, the study also introduced a gender perspective regarding raising a child. The respondents were asked if they believed that a same-sex couple could provide equally satisfactory upbringing to a child as a heterosexual couple. In Colombia, 67% of the surveyed women responded affirmatively, surpassing the Latin American average by 6 points, which stood at a 61% positive rating.

Colombian women the happiest
Colombian women also score in respect for the LGTBIQ+ community in Latin America – Credit: Pxfuel / Public domain

Reasons for Happiness

Much speculation has arisen regarding the reasons for happiness in Latin America in general and Colombia in particular. Without concrete certainties about these reasons, some experts suggest that a mild climate, especially in warmer areas, has a direct correlation with high happiness indices.

As for Colombia, the survey also suggests the positive contribution that the rich culture has on the high happiness indices. Gastronomy and, above all, music and dance, contribute to individuals internalizing elements that stimulate a festive atmosphere and happiness.

Likewise, the closeness in family and friendship relationships could also explain the reality of these high levels of joy and happiness detected.

Colombian women the happiest
A sample of popular culture from the Caribbean region – Credit: Pxfuel / Public domain

“Through Provokers, we aim to highlight these findings to raise awareness and encourage society to continue progressing towards acceptance and diversity in all forms of love and family. These data reflect a positive change in attitudes and perceptions, especially among younger generations, and provide reasons to be optimistic about the future in the context of Love and Friendship Month,” said Rosalba Olivella, CEO of Provokers, and spokesperson for the firm that conducted the study, to the newspaper El Colombiano.

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