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South Korean Influencer Zion Hwang Launches into Colombian Music


South Korean Colombian music
The South Korean Zion Hwang premieres Whose fault? the single with which he ventures into Colombian popular music. Credit: Zion Hwang/Youtube Capture

The South Korean influencer Zion Hwang has ventured into Colombian folk music. He has embraced Colombian colloquialisms, transitioning from reggaeton to traditional Colombian music, inspired by local artist Jessi Uribe. His debut single, ¿Culpa de quién? (Whose fault?), has gained immense support from his followers.

Originally from South Korea, with a distinct Paisa accent in Spanish, Hwang shared his journey of moving to China at 8 years of age to learn Mandarin to eventually settling in Colombia to master Spanish. From a Spanish student to a Colombian music influencer, Hwang’s social media popularity grew with collaborative videos featuring other Colombian influencers, showcasing his exploration of Colombian experiences.

From Spanish student to Colombian music influencer and singer

Hwang’s attachment to Colombian culture led him to explore the beloved music genre of the country: folk music. His latest venture, ¿Culpa de quién?, is a ranchera, a genre often associated with heartbreak.

The music video, released a few days ago, has already surpassed 350,000 views on YouTube, earning praise not only from Colombians but also from Mexican viewers applauding the vocal and musical talent of the Korean artist with a Colombian heart.

Hwang’s first experience in Colombia

Reflecting on his first experiences in Colombia five years ago, Hwang says he faced challenges, including a robbery attempt on his first night. Despite discrimination, he became a cultural ambassador, sharing positive aspects of Colombia and advocating for the country. Initially not planning to settle in Colombia, Hwang fell in love with the country’s positives and now shares his experiences with curious foreigners.

Zion Hwang’s unexpected journey from South Korean Spanish student to one of Colombia’s most famous social media influencers culminates in his recent foray into Colombian folk music, following in the footsteps of his idol, Jessi Uribe. Collaborating with music teachers and working closely with Colombian artists, Hwang approached Yeison Jimenez’s producer to create his own song.

In a world where cultures collide, Zion Hwang’s musical adventure testifies to the power of intercultural influence, bringing a piece of Colombia to an international audience.

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